Legion Go Update 11.17.23

Hello Everyone,

Seems like the theme has become Friday updates, will try to continue this trend as long as possible.  Might skip next week due to the holiday and potential lack of new info with the short week, but will return after.

Recapping the previous week's updates seems to have confused some so I'll forego that this time around.  Here is a link if you want to review that discussion: (+) Legion Go Update 11.10.23 | Lenovo Gaming (US)


For this week:

Much discussion and work internally on how we can improve VGA driver delivery timing

  • Due to difference in driver releases process, our China site may have drivers before our North America site (by a few days).  So if you're looking for the absolute latest VGA driver you can check there first.
  • I expect a VGA driver update next week at some point, it is being tested internally and almost ready for release
  • Just to re-iterate, we do definitely understand the concern here and are actively working to improve release timing and any other potential improvements to driver delivery
  • To that end, we are targeting an update to Space at the end of December which aims to pull in the OTA driver updates into Space directly which will bypass some of the lead time to get these delivered to you


  • SD Reader fixes (sleep and stability) should be implemented in next BIOS Release
  • Targeting a fix for Custom TDP setting within the next 1-2 next BIOS Releases
  • Next BIOS should be released as early as next week, predicated on testing results
  • Use any BIOS you've found on the internet not officially sourced from Lenovo at your own risk.
    • I saw some concerns on Reddit and Youtube about how to roll back/revert BIOS.  I believe this is possible, you need to enter BIOS and in the "Configuration" tab make sure BIOS Back Flash is enabled, and you should be able to then roll back / "downgrade" your BIOS to a previous version. 
  • 6GB UMA buffer is confirmed for support, likely officially added to v27 or v28
  • Auto UMA buffer is being worked on still, this is a high priority.
  • Note: Requested ability to set UMA frame buffer through Space in addition to BIOS, no ETA yet.

Deadzone Management

  • We hear you, we are working on it
  • Originally we planned to include this in the end of December update, however based on my discussions with you here and customer reviews/reddit, we have raised this to a top priority and are trying to pull this update in to the end of this month.
  • Our SW team is working hard with the controller vendor to fine tune this and make it stable, once that work is complete we'll get this incorporated into Space

Key Mapping

  • Many discussions ongoing internally, will provide as much of this type of functionality as we can as soon as we can
  • For now, adding a hot key for Xbox button in next Space release (~end of November)
  • Looking at ways to implement game minimization/closure (mapping Alt/F4, Alt/Tab, etc.)
  • Pushing for maximum customizability of all buttons… L/R Legion Keys, rear keys, mappable to any keyboard, macro, shortcut, etc. will just take some time, appreciate the patience.

Left Speaker Interference

  • Reports from some users about noise/static on left speaker, the (already released) VGA driver from 11/5 contains an updated Audio driver that should fix this issue

Fan / Coil Whine

  • Anyone experiencing issues with this is encouraged to contact our Service department for resolution: 1-888-278-9707
  • This is not in reference to "fan noise" which is subjective, but specifically any high-pitch noises/coil whine 

Custom Fan Curve & FPS Limiter

  • Planned for end of December update, subject to change
  • FPS Limiter will be incorporated into right-menu and include 30, 40, 50, 60, 90, 120, 144 fixed settings


  • "Apply Game Profile" additional improvements coming in the end of November space update
  • Working on how to possibly address issues raised with Native Portrait display regarding compatibility
  • External monitor rotation issues:  not experienced by all, team working on replicating and addressing
  • Desktop mode: in development plan, ETA end of Jan, extremely subject to change (earlier or later) depending on prioritization and completion of more urgent requests (deadzones/key mapping)
  • Users have requested a way to turn off the power button light as it's distracting for night-time use, working on adding this feature, ETA end of December
  • Battle.net Icon showing up in Chinese on Legion Space - fixed
  • Hiding/Removal of games in Space has been requested, on the implementation plan but lower priority
  • Ability to minimize Space to system tray is under evaluation
  • Working with extended teams to make parts available for purchase (including controllers)
  • Discussing with teams on additional controller options, once we have something outlined I'll come back here for input on what you all want to see

Thank you all for your continued support and feedback, we do truly appreciate it.

 Disclaimer: The details provided herein are intended as a courtesy update and do not serve as a binding commitment or warranty. Lenovo cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information and reserves the right to modify product and service plans at any time. We are not liable for reliance on the projected timelines or features, which are subject to change based on various business needs and product development considerations.

  • Fantastic update Ben!

    This addresses a lot of growing concerns - and it is really nice to see them go from a "requested" state to a "planned" state.

    Thank you and please thank your development team as well.

  • Hi Ben,

    Thank you for the update. May I make a suggestion? For the fps limiter, I suggest only including numbers that can be evenly divided into 144 and 60 (30, 36, 48, 60, 72). The numbers you listed won’t alleviate any problems unless you also plan to introduce new refresh rates that work with them. 

  • Agreed, that's why I included the intended options to see if you all had any feedback on them.  I'm going to ask for 3 things: 1) Just allowing users to set their own value instead of pre-sets 2) If not, add a custom option(s) that would essentially accomplish the same thing 3) If 1 and 2 cant be implemented then make things evenly divisible by 60 or 144.  There are indeed no additional panel refresh rate options coming (technical limitation unfortunately).

    Appreciate the feedback as always, Rony.

  • Love the transparency!!! Thank you!!!

  • Appreciate it!

  • Hi Ben, I am here to re-post the bug I found in Legion Space, some game thumbnail is showing incorrectly, e.g. Lies of P is showing Atom Heart's thumbnail

    And is there any chance to add some preview features of Adrenalin Edition Preview Driver like AFMF (AMD Fluid Motion Frame) in the coming driver release?

  • Hi Jacky, let me put that on the tracker for the SW team to look into.  For previews of new AMD features, that's not really under our control.  For previews of Lenovo graphics drivers for AMD, that is something I'm trying to figure out right now.. if there is a possibility to get drivers currently under testing released to you all to test before the official release after internal testing, but there are a lot of moving parts with that so I can't make any commitments yet.

  • Totally understand, thank you for the swift reply

  • Its absolutely fantastic to see this! GO LEGION TEAM! Seriously! The openness to communicate with us and take our feedback seriously is the best thing we could ask for! Thank you for the clarification on items as well! I can say without a doubt my confidence you guys will get this done now has just skyrocketed! Great work again guys! And I mean it! 

  • Great to see a lot of the things we are asking for are on the horizon.