legion go

Hey Everyone, 

How do you like the new Legion Go? How does it compare to other handhelds out there (ex the Steam deck)?

  • its good when it works lol mine just had a screen issue, now i cannot return it cuz im not in the US so i literally lost 700 

    it has also buggy sound issues.

  • High pitch fan noise in most cases regardless of which thermal mode is being used, except in non-running mode. Perhaps I purchased a Lenovo Legion Go brand electric hand warmer with a fancy coil whine feature.

  • I received mine yesterday and I am much happier with it than I imagined I would be. If you are after a handheld Windows 11 laptop, powerful enough to be a decent gaming machine then there is nothing else out there that comes close to this. I have the original steam deck, and I have the oled deck due to be delivered in a few days. I think i'll be returning the oled deck, and the original will soon be up for sale

  • I bought mine on day 1 at launch and have mainly only one issue with it which will be fixed by Lenovo soon. USB-C storage randomly disconnects.

    I boot straight in to Windows instead of the Lenovo app for now, so to me everything works fine for that reason. Lenovo Go app needs some bug fixes and more features.

    All ~10 launcher icons is on desktop for quick access after boot. Steam, Epic, UBI, EA, GOG, Rockstar, Amazon, Humble etc.

    I think the Lenovo Go is the best handheld for several reasons.

  • In short: I sold the Steam deck in favour of the Rog Ally and sold the Rog Ally in favour of the Lenovo Legion Go. There are some downsides to this device (I can hear the fan whine in idel mode if I concentrate on it, the software has to improve, there is no stick calibration,...) but for my use case -> ultra compact powerfull pc that can be used for working (even in business meetings) and gaming on the go it is unrivalled (and will improve further).

    All the best


  • Had mine since launch and it’s great! Coming from steam deck and a1-pro

  • Its ok but the software needs allot of work. Its not on par with the other ryzen z1 extreme handhelds out there yet! 

  • I don't have one yet but reading these comments are definitely helpful and interesting. I want to research more too before I buy.

  • I like mine a lot. i here that some titals need the latest drivers, but i am starting with some older games, and it is wonderful. Once the newest software updates are out I will start playing some AAA titles.

  • Don't have one yet but I'm really excited for it and hope Lenovo is invested in this platform in the long term