Legion Go Update 11.24.23

Hello Friends,

Wanted to provide a quick update today just to keep the Friday updates going.

Our R&D team has been working hard on releasing a new BIOS with a lot of the fixes and updates you're looking for.  They just finished working on v28 last night and have released to our quality assurance team.  Now the challenge is balancing speed of release with quality testing, which for something like a BIOS update we can't compromise on. So, we're going to (tentatively) plan to have this out within the next 14 days if possible.  Again, will likely hit our China support site first and once I see it there I'll give you all a heads up though something tells me one of you will beat me to it.

Some notes on the new BIOS (v28):

  • Adding STAMP/STT thermal mode switch
    • STT (default) mode, APU power will auto increase when surface temperate is under the specified limit
    • STAMP mode, APU power will strictly follow the system settings
  • Adding an option to switch memory frequency between 6400Mhz and 7500Mhz
  • Adding Charging Speed Optimization option, users will be able to select charging speed under high loads (know a lot of you were asking about this)
  • USB-C compatibility option to support more USB high-power devices
  • Adding 6GB VRAM option (still working on Auto, wont be available in this version)
  • Support for Lenovo fan table tuning interface (if I am understanding this correctly, I believe this is just a way for the Space team to have access to the Fan settings, to support our plan for custom Fan curves in the December-end version of Space)
  • Support for Lenovo sPPT/fPPT tuning
  • Fixing some performance issues (don't have too many details on what that means, will ask)
  • Fix for custom VRAM settings somtimes not taking effect
  • Will also include the SD reader fixes from v26
  • And lastly, my personal favorite, "Other fixes".

Again we're trying to strike a balance here between speed and quality and will try to get this out to you as soon as humanly possible which will hopefully be within the next 2 weeks as long as our quality testing does not unearth any additional needed fixes.  This should be a pretty significant and robust update to the BIOS so looking forward to getting it to you soon.



Disclaimer: The details provided herein are intended as a courtesy update and do not serve as a binding commitment or warranty. Lenovo cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information and reserves the right to modify product and service plans at any time. We are not liable for reliance on the projected timelines or features, which are subject to change based on various business needs and product development considerations.

  • Seeing these updates leaves me very optimistic about the future of this product. Can't wait to be able to get my hands on the device and see the progress myself!

  • Actually adding the usbc compatibility option was something unexpected and most probably has to do with the chargers if I understand correctly. Great work. But what about the VGA drivers? Not that it really matters since the latest AMD drivers for the 7840U seem to work very well but I am just wondering. Then the last thing that really REALLY needs fixing is the gyros on the controllers. At the moment the solution that Space gives is a hack assigning them to joystics. This is very unreliable and doesnt work as expected.

  • Thank you for keeping us updated.

    • Any news regarding deadzones fix?
  • Please have the R&D team come up with a technical support process for high pitching fan noise or some sort of workarounds or solutions. Don't use basic troubleshooting steps such as reinstalling the operating system, installing Windows Updates, and updating drivers and BIOS. Everyone knows these steps will not fix the high pitching noise and waste of time. Every time I turn on the Lenovo Go, I feel like I'm sitting on an airplane and listening to engine noises while I play games. Maybe Lenovo is planning to release Legion sound isolation ear buds as part of an accessory?Joy

  • You can fix this with a piece of tape:


  • You guys are getting memory frequencies in the thousands? Mine never goes above 937. Anyone else experience this?

  • I agree with you, the gyros should be one of the priorities, right now are unusable.

    One question, which VGA Drivers are you talking about?, I downloaded the AMD drivers for the Legion Go in Lenovo's website, those aren't the same? I'm a little confuse about that.

  • I read that workaround a few days ago. I should be waiting for Lenovo to release the Legion gaming fan noise elimination tape.

  • Do you know when the gyro and joysticks fix will arrive?

    Thanks for the transparent update!Raised hands

  • You can "sideload" the official latest AMD drivers that are for the same chip the Go uses but are not modified by Lenovo. This will give you some warnings during setup but then you have the latest drivers you can get and there is practically no risk involved. Here is a video that shows you how to do it: youtu.be/-BFcyqXy3to