Welcome to the new Legion Go discussion group!

I'm happy to announce our new dedicated Legion Go discussion group!

By popular demand, we're creating a space all about the Legion Go for members and staff alike. Our recent Legion Go product roadmap updates from  have been very popular, and have taken over the Legion Products group, so a new dedicated discussion group makes sense. We'll also be moving previous Legion Go product updates into this group soon.

Thanks everyone for your excitement about the Legion Go - we look forward to seeing what you have to say here!

  • Big thanks to Ben G for setting this up!

  • Ben - Just a suggestion mate, could a similar post be put in the AU/UK forums but with a link to this main discussion group, you could have responses turned off on those posts so it steers everyone here?

  • I am seriously loving your guys efforts to be so transparent! Thank you again for everything your doing! WE WANT THIS THING TO GET BETTER! Its got sooooo much unbelievable potential! 

  • Thank you so much! 

  • I'm looking into this on my side Cee, stay tuned Slight smile

  • Much better for following updates! I really enjoyed using my Legion Go over the Thanksgiving holiday. What an amazing device! Looking forward to future software updates to soften some of its sharp edges, but very happy overall!

  • Keeping my eyes on this group for all the updates! Hopeful to get a Go in the near future!

  • Ben your communication today on Reddit single handedly made me keep my legion go instead of trading it for a steam deck oled

  • Thanks for the heads up!

  • This is great news! Thumbsup  I just joined the Legion Go group!