BIOS v28 Beta Testing

Hello, Legion Go Community!

We're excited to announce a Beta Test Program for our upcoming v28 BIOS update. Before you dive into the download, please read the following important information:

Beta BIOS Advisory (Updated 11/29):

  1. Beta Status: This BIOS is in beta, meaning it's still undergoing rigorous testing. It's not a final product and may have bugs or issues that could impact your device's performance.

  2. Voluntary Use: Your decision to participate in this beta is entirely voluntary. Downloading and installing this BIOS is at your discretion, understanding the inherent risks of using a product in beta.

  3. Warranty Assurance: While we offer this beta BIOS "as-is" and cannot guarantee its functionality or a bug-free experience, please be assured that using it will not void your device's warranty under Lenovo's terms. However, we cannot extend any warranties, expressed or implied, specific to this beta BIOS.

  4. Feedback & Support: We value your input! Share your experiences in the designated forum. While we may not be able to respond to each comment individually, our team will monitor the feedback for insights and improvements. Note: Official support for this BIOS is not available, but our service team is ready to assist with general queries.

  5. Potential Updates: This beta BIOS is a work in progress. We may issue updates, fixes, or even release a final version in the future. Installing this BIOS does not automatically enroll you in future updates.

  6. Opting Out: If you encounter issues or prefer not to use this beta BIOS, you can easily revert to the stable, official version available on our website. Instructions for reverting are provided below*

We thank you for your participation and understanding as we work towards enhancing your experience with Legion Go.

By downloading and installing this BIOS, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms.

Download Link:

Installation instructions: Download the file, unzip with your utility of choice (right click, extract to use the built-in windows extractor), double click the .exe file, and follow on screen instructions.

Note: After installing the BIOS the screen may be in Portrait mode if you have rotation lock enabled.  If that's the case, disable rotation lock, let it rotate back to landscape, and then re-enable it.

*To revert to an earlier BIOS:

  • Enter the BIOS configuration by holding down the Volume Up(+) Button during boot.
  • Select "BIOS Setup" from the Novo Button Menu
  • Select "More Settings" button on the bottom right of the BIOS main screen
  • Select "Configuration" tab from the left Menu
  • Scroll down (finger touch) to "BIOS Back Flash" and ensure that is enabled.
  • Press "Exit" on the left Menu
  • Press "Exit Saving Changes" from the options on the right
  • Press "Yes"
  • Allow system to reboot
  • Download and install the latest officially released version on our support site here: laptops and netbooks :: legion series :: legion go 8apu1contentdetail - Lenovo Support US

Thank you!

  • Ive been running it for a bit now. Works great so far! I applaud this effort to make everyone aware of beta versions of things! It seems wayy more official then a sketchy google link :) 

  • So just for 100% clarity here... if we use this BIOS we void our warranty?  

  • The warranty for your Lenovo device comprehensively covers all components and software originally included with the product, as well as any updates or software officially released and supported by Lenovo. Please note, however, that modifications made to the device, such as replacing the SSD, fall outside the scope of this warranty. This means that the new SSD, or any damage caused by its installation, would not be covered. However, the warranty still applies to other aspects of the device that remain unaltered.

    Additionally, using unofficial or untested BIOS or drivers could potentially void the warranty for any issues arising from their use. While our service team is always ready to assist, we cannot guarantee coverage for problems resulting from use of unofficial software. Our policy of only releasing fully tested and supported BIOS/drivers is in place to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability for our customers.

  • I was curious about this as well. For clarification on the SSD example you provided. If a user performs an SSD swap and has 0 issues and then reverts to the OEM SSD for whatever reason would the entire warranty remain intact or does that prevent any future warranty claims for the OEM SSD?

  • From an external source, for tracking.

    Hey Ben, there's a nasty bug on this v28 when using stamp mode in performance tdp while plugged in on power. While it was fine with older bios, this bug makes the CPU overheat and throttles the machine at 8w, you can't even change the tdp through the button shortcut when that happens.

    Games that plays fine at locked 60fps at 20w with GPU sitting around 70°c are throttling when the GPU hits 85°C with stamp performance mode. I don't get why a light locked fps game would suddenly waste power and throttle the machine, a game shouldn't use more power at locked fps no matter the tdp set. That must be a bug.

    It does not happen on stamp performance tdp while on battery, only while plugged. Battery still retains the same 20w locked tdp.

    Thanks man! Great work on this product, keep up the updates.

  • Kindly focus on the dead zones, manual tdp and correct fpd counter plus correct tdp settings for 15,20 and 30. Lastly, Legion space should be updated to look more current and not look like an application built for windows 7.

  • Great work you guys are doing, but please kindly focus on correcting the manual tdp config to reflect exact tdp we set , also focus on the fps counter to show, tdp to show on the counter and if possible a frametime graph just like steamdeck. Focus on updating that legion space to look more modern and not look like an application built for windows 95. Finally work on increasing the smoothness in legion space when you have up to 30 fames installed. You will have to wait few minutes before it populates all games irrespective of it installed on SD card or SSD . This is not rocket science, you guys have better software with your gaming lapyops why is it not so on your handhelds? 

  • Also the coil whine coming from the fan recently id annoying and the LB and RB buttons getting stuck. Kindly let us know how to RMA the device for repair or for a new one. Thank you. 

  • You could make the same points without being so hostile, just FYI.