v23.20.24.03 VGA Driver Beta Testing

Hello, Legion Go Community!

We're excited to announce a Beta Test Program for unreleased VGA drivers for the Legion Go. Before you dive into the download, please read the following important information:

Beta Driver Advisory (revised 11/29):

  1. Beta Status: This driver is in beta, meaning it's still undergoing rigorous testing. It's not a final product and may have bugs or issues that could impact your device's performance.

  2. Voluntary Use: Your decision to participate in this beta is entirely voluntary. Downloading and installing this driver is at your discretion, understanding the inherent risks of using a product in beta.

  3. Warranty Assurance: While we offer this beta driver "as-is" and cannot guarantee its functionality or a bug-free experience, please be assured that using it will not void your device's warranty under Lenovo's terms. However, we cannot extend any warranties, expressed or implied, specific to this beta driver.

  4. Feedback & Support: We value your input! Share your experiences in the designated forum. While we may not be able to respond to each comment individually, our team will monitor the feedback for insights and improvements. Note: Official support for this driver is not available, but our service team is ready to assist with general queries.

  5. Potential Updates: This beta driver is a work in progress. We may issue updates, fixes, or even release a final version in the future. Installing this driver does not automatically enroll you in future updates.

  6. Opting Out: If you encounter issues or prefer not to use this beta driver, you can easily revert to the stable, official version available on our website. Instructions for reverting are provided below*

We thank you for your participation and understanding as we work towards enhancing your experience with the Legion Go.

By downloading and installing this test driver, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms.

Download Link: AMD_2D00_GFX_5F00_23.20.24.03.zip

Installing the test driver: 

  1. Unzip the file (right click, extract here/extract all/etc. depending on your zip utility of choice)
  2. Open the 02_AMD_GFX folder
  3. Important!: Right click gfxinstall.bat and "Run as Administrator"
  4. Command prompt window will appear, wait while it runs. 
  5. Will hang for a while on "adding driver package: u0397700.inf"
  6. Screen will black out momentarily
  7. Command prompt window will be gone
  8. Graphics driver has been updated, you can check in AMD Adrenalin Top left of "system' window should say released 11/7


  • These drivers are dated 11/7 and are a step forward from our current official release, bringing notable enhancements.
  • Our original plan to release these drivers last week has been revised. We are now focusing on releasing a newer driver, aiming to include additional fixes and improvements.
  • The upcoming driver release will integrate the advancements found in this 11/7 version, along with further enhancements.
  • I did indicate we were trying to get a driver update out last week and because we had a pivot in release timing, I am hoping that this test driver can help address some of your issues while you wait for the final release of an updated driver.

*To revert to an earlier Graphics Driver:

  1. Open device manager (Windows Key + X > M, or search "device manager" in windows search)
  2. Open "display adapters" dropdown
  3. Right click on AMD Radeon Graphics
  4. Click "uninstall device"
  5. Select "Attempt to remove the driver for this device"
  6. Click "uninstall"
  7. Screen will black out and flip to portrait layout
  8. Download and install the latest officially released VGA driver from our support site: laptops and netbooks :: legion series :: legion go 8apu1contentdetail - Lenovo Support US

Thank you as always for your support and understanding.


  • Hi!

    Any chance we'll see more resolution options with driver updates? (even regular 16:9 resolutions would be nice, like 1280x720, 1600x900, 1920x1080, 2560x1440). Some games do not recognize the 16:10 resolution and only let you select the lowest resolution of 1280x800.

    Also more resolutions for 16:10. a 1440x900 and 1680x1050 would be good.

    Also, more refresh rates. I would especially like 120Hz as that would allow you more choice when locking the frame rate (could entirely replace the 60 hz mode, being able to lock to 120, 60, 40, 30 while on 120 hz)

  • That "No warranty" is completely BS. I hate when companies do this, we become beta testers for free and on top of that, they dont want to be liable if they fu** up your system.

  • Thanks for the comms Ben! I could be just being dense, but is there a change log for specifically what these drivers improve? Or are these all set to 'general improvements' and won't target individual games like Nvidia does for example?

  • Awesome good work…..all updated driver date checks out bios installed only problem is the AMD Adrenalin software doesn’t work  the usual 

    ‘windows update may have automatically replaced your AMD software Hence the version of AMD software you have launched is not compatible with your currently installed AMD Graphic driver’

  • I had this problem before between Windows update and Adrenaline, I had to install Adrenaline Software by separately using a 780m graphic driver package and browsing the files till I found the 2cc.exe it fixed that problem, also allowed me to use Hyper RX

  • Is left speaker crackling issue fixed? Im in work cant test it, if its not i need to send my device for service  to lenovo..:(

    Thank you for help!


  • You do realize this is completely optional which is why it will not be covered?

  • After Backlash, Asus Says Motherboard Warranty Will Cover Beta BIOS | PCMag

    Asus did a very similar thing and they backpedaled faster than Denise Mueller-Korenek. I know its optional but if a company does beta testing, which tons of company do, they dont void your warranty. We using first party VGA drivers and Bios. They want our help for free? Cool but that doesnt mean if your system goes to ish, they going to wash there hands and say, get another one or not repair. Thats slimy