Controllers and rails

Just wondering if there is a plan to address the issue with the controller rails cutting into the locking tab. I know there are many people who are facing this issue. To me it seems like either the rail is a hair too short or the tolerance is a bit too tight, causing the metal rail to dig into the locking tab. I should be receiving a replacement controller today, but I was unsuccessful at getting a replacement rail. I am worried that without replacing the rail, I will have the same issue again. I feel like I should specify that I absolutely love the legion go and am not at all complaining, I knew when I drove 3 hours to get it day one that there may be some early adopter growing pains to work through.

  • You're probably correct, some early adopter growing pains to work through.

  • Hopefully this is addressed soon; I'd really like to get one, but I'll wait until any kinks are worked out.

  • Watching and waiting.

  • I will love to have a Legion Go, I bet it is lots of fun.

  • It is an amazing device and I absolutely love mine. It’s made even better by the amazing support and transparency that Lenovo has provided thus far.

  • I am learning so much about this product here. Very, very insightful information. Thanks.

  • Update: I received the replacement and it works well, it slots into the rail and detaches with ease. No sign of the rail eating into the locking tab, for now at least. Seems like the factory that assembles the controllers have gotten the machines dialed in better so that this issue should fade.

  • I've also got some concerns about the rails...  It's a bit challenging to fully lock both side controllers in place