Legion go stopped working help.

This evening my legion go stopped working.

The controller only flicker red, yellow

The on and off button is flashing some times.

Console is on the charger for 1.5 hours. nothing happen anyone advice? i own it for 1 week now.......................

  • Same happened to me a week ago. I played on it, put it down, pressed power button to put into sleep mode. When I picked it up screen would not turn on. Trying rebooting, booting into BIOS via "Power+volume up" buttons - sticks would flash red so I know it went into BIOS boot - but screen would not turn on. I brought it back to BestBuy while it was within return period and ordered a replacement.


    This can happen when the battery is complete dead, after 3 hours on the charger all of a sudden the joystick went to a state of blue, after that i tried to power on the legion go.

    Joysticks first went black, tried to power on again and i heart the fans turn on after 1 minute windows booted again. And the device now works as before

    Weird that i cant find anything on the whole internet include the lenovo site on the fenomen.

  • Had a similiar phenomenon with the standby mode, since I installed the newest Bios Beta 28;

    Only shutting off and restarting after locking the screen helped. Since I switched the loading mode for when being on to fast charge, instead of the slow standard setting I got rid of this issue (at least for now it works).