Legion GO SSD temps seems high

I don't know if this is a know issue or not, but I do NOT seem to be able to find anything hear with relevant data. What I have seen is this:


Personally on my Legion GO, I am also seeing high SSD temperatures when under load. Also I am seeing the temperature run hotter when a dock is attached to the Legion GO.

Just curious is anyone else here also seeing this? Thanks.

  • you are def not alone, a lot of concerns with SSD temps, after a 30 min session on Callisto protocol my SSD was already at 80 plus degrees, seems to happen with a few different SSDs from what I have seen, not sure if this is a fan curve issue or what but its bad... 

  • Please can we note whether these are stock/non-stock SSD's? please include further info i.e. make, model etc. in order to assist others and to gain further insight to any potential issues. Also if possible include temps (idle/under load) much appreciated.

    Note, I am running a 'Sabrent Rocket 2230 4.0 1TB' with an extender and the OEM EMI shielding.

    Crystal'DiskMark test results:  Initial temp: 44c - peak temp 81c.  Avg temp was about 70c (read) whilst the peak of 81c was with 'write'

    If I remember correctly whilst gaming previously my peak temp was 60c, ( Game. The Last Of Us) I will confirm later and update when I benchmark some more games.

    Temps whilst browsing/general use sit at about 44c.

  • I can attest to this as well. Maybe fan curves will address this? We will have to hope that gets implemented soon! 

  • I have the Microcenter 2tb Visiontek that was preinstalled by microcenter, I have had temps hit 88c at peak so far while in game, this drive is rated for 70c, I have seen others post 90-97c as well for the same drive, but would need others to chime in

  • Interesting. I had not looked into this much myself yet. When I upgraded to a 2Tb someone asked me to do a temp test. Running Crystal Bench Mark pushed it to 99c. They said they were getting up to 97c with the original drive in theirs. WDC spec for the SN740 drives in the GO says max operating temp of 85c.

    Eeeh this is not great.

  • Yeah I have seen more Microcenter drives have issues then other ones, but may not just be that one from what I have gathered from people, but the Microcenter one is def worse, I think its rated for 70c and I hit 88 at one point 

  • same here! But I know others on the BB 512gb are having similar hot spots

  •   just wanted to bring this thread to your attention. Its getting some traction and its actually been a pretty big topic in the discords lately the more people have been testing.  

  • Looking up the OE SSD serial on WDC site shows this. Have not been able to find a datasheet for this exact model, but the SN740 family stats max operating of 85c. Shouldn't it thermal throttle above a certain temp?

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  • I have the 512gb SN740 variant that comes with the Go. When installing games I’ve noticed temperatures peaking at 95-98c.