60 Hz switch workaround when not being plugged in

Hello guys,

Yesterday I found out, you can actually switch back to 60 Hz mode from 144 Hz by just doing so in the advanced Monitor settings Sweat smile... I was really surprised! No issues at all with it! Also LegionSpace recognizes the switch. I don't know why I haven't thought about this before! Stuck out tongue closed eyes

Thought it could be quite useful for you guys when beeing on the go until the actual LegionSpace fix will be coming out Wink.

-> I know it isn't comfortable like switching it directly in LegionSpace, but still it works WinkOk hand.

Happy gaming! Ok hand

  • Thanks for sharing, this tip may help many with blank screen, sleep, power and charger related problems.

  • This appears to have been resolved with the latest update of the legion go software version now. Thanks for the tip however :)