Not receiving notifications for replies here in the Legion Go group...

Hi guys,

I'm currently not receiving any reply notifications for when anyone is responding to my messages in this forum... I only receive the messages for my own replies... I tried to change the settings in my profile settings, but nothing changed so far...

Is this a known bug, or is there any setting I can change to fix this?

  • Hey  

    Sorry about that, I just made some tweaks in the backend so hopefully you'll get alerts now (including this one!) 

    Let me know if you don't for any reason Slight smile

  • Hi  ,

    it looks like it is functioning now! WinkThumbsup

    Thanks a lot for quickly reacting, and helping out! SmileyOk handThumbsupThumbsup

  • Sometimes there are delays because many comments are being processed? This is the same with the reward points, right?

  • Hi  ,

    sorry for asking you again;

    It only worked for a moment, and again I can only see my message notifications... Could you have another look at it please?

    It is weird, but I seem to be the only one to experience this, right? Open mouth

  • Hi  ,

    could you please help me with this? I still only get notification for the replies I wrote into this Legion Go group over email and over the bell button, which I sincerely wouldn't need (but can also live with them), but I never received replies by others, besides the one that you sent me when trying to work on the backend...

    It would be so great to get proper reply emails/notifications from other users, because as by now there are so many threads here, and it is hard to keep up having too look into all of them manually...

    Especially being an active guy in this community, just enjoing it so much to go through the most of them, and replying where possible to help other users, and also to inform myself, and to be part of the start of this great device.

  • Hi guys Wink

    Is noone else experiencing this? Or do you just not mind to go through the threads to which you replied in the first place (or which you created) to double check if there could be an answer?

  • Hey Evry - I'll take another look, sorry if you still have this issue!

  •   I have the same issue. I only get notified of my posts but no one elses as well. 

  • Did anyone already change something that fast? Now I just got your mention as an email and also another reply notification for another thread too! Open mouthOpen mouthOpen mouth

  • Now I’m getting alerts for everything even threads that I never responded to or subscribed too.