please fix the activision ban on warzone MW3

I bought the Legion go Just ti play call of duty,the First day i friend It immediately Receiver the band,please can you solve this Big Problem, i haven't player for a week already 

  • Did/Do you have anti-lag enabled when you go into AMD Adrenaline? Not saying that's the cause, because the issue appears to be an Activision issue and not specifically a Windows handheld issue (Legion Go or ROG Ally), but Activision from what I've seen online, hasn't provided any insight as to what's causing the bans or how to avoid it. I've been playing MW2 and MW3 on the Go since I got my Go at the beginning of the month and  aside from driver issues, network issues (on the game side), I've not had any issues playing the game, and I've confirmed that my account isn't in banned status. But the mystery continues as to what's causing this for other folks like yourself. 

  • Like others have said, this is an issue with AMD Anti-Lag which is not Lenovo's fault.  There's nothing Lenovo can do about it.  The issue is widespread affecting far more than just the Legion Go.  It needs to be addressed by AMD and the various game developers involved.  For now, anyone using AMD graphics should disable AMD Anti-Lag when playing multiplayer games with anti-cheat.

  • Mainly this but I'm still trying to look into it just in case there is anything Legion Go specific that is also an issue.

  • Any update? 

  • Still waiting to hear back.  AMD is also working with Activision to diagnose the cause.  I don't want to share too much info about things not Lenovo-related out of respect for what other companies want communicated and how, but long story short it's still being investigated and I asked for an update.

  • When you find out, could you please please post something about it? 

    I have a lot of time and money invested into it and I just want to play it on my Legion Go without worries. 

  • Has there been an update?