Features Reqests

Hi! Just wanted to just make a thread and request some features for the devs to see (maybe some accessories too!) 

legion space:

- ability to map keyboard keys to the controllers or even the Xbox button. (Accessing game bar is such a pain on this device)

- ability to hide applications in library. Idk if it’s just me but I hate seeing wallpaper engine and other launchers in there

- I know there’s a fix in the works for the dead zone on the controller but a way to customize it and setting profiles would be cool!

- a way to see how much TDP is being drawn. I know in the custom profile you can select. But if there’s a way to put it in the FPS monitor


- a controller attachment like how the switch has for the joycons. Holding 2 separate controllers feels odd for me and never liked it. 

- keyboard that connect to bottom USB port to turn the go into a mini laptop 

that’s all I’ve got. Hopefully some of these space features can happen. It would make the go much better (in my opinion that is). Feel free to comment some more ideas

  • Second this. Without mapping Keyboard(F1-F12|Alt|Tab|Win|Home...All of them) and Xbox Guide button we're left with 5(4 if use FPS mode) useless buttons...


    1\ Emulate not only Xbox 360 pad but also Dualshock 4 controller(with gyro, with rumble) and hide the raw controller itself so we do not need external programs to do it(And already can do it).

    2\ Lock GPU frequency in the right side quick UI like Deck, on some load high GPU freq really does not help but wasting power(running at high clock usually means lower efficiency, aka lower useful work per cycle, plus adding the wasted cycles waiting for CPU or Memory made efficiency even worse), thus limiting power left for CPU performance. Yes from my experience it's possible to get higher FPS at lower power with right CPU GPU freq combo.

    more later

  • We also need to activate every button on the right controller when using FPS mode.

    Right now there is not enough buttons to play when using both controller.