Report some Known issue still on v28.

1\ Motion sensor stopped working(I guess it's the device "AMD UMDF Sensor") randomly(after sleep?). Need a full reboot. Because I made this and this issue really bugs me:

2\ Custom TDP still doesn't work, stuck at 25W can not change no matter where you put the slider. Let along you can't adjust it freely while gaming to find best FPS/TDP combo like on Deck. Quite/Normal/Performance is currently at 5/15/20 FYI is that intended?

3\ Radeon Super Resolution randomly turns itself off, even though what use is it right now I guess no user knows...

4\ Yes, Legion Space UI is ugly(Pixelated texture, unaligned button, unnatural/bad color choice/no even basic animation) as everyone agree, even old UI(the square one) looks much better.

So far these, maybe later

  • Is it STAMP mode or STAPM mode? HwInfo shows the "APU STAPM" reading but BIOS says STAMP. Or are they not the same thing? "Skin Temperature Aware Power Management", But according to this: "": "The stamp average power is "Socket0-Average Socket power filtered with the STPM time constant, reported in Watts"". So HwInfo got it wrong I guess?

  • When plugged TDP became 5/15/30 and custom became 30..32?