Extending my Legion Go Warranty


I've reached out to Sales, Support, and Twitter teams several times about extending the warranty longer than a year on my Legion Go. It appears that if I purchase through the Lenovo site I can extend the warranty to 3 years from 1. However, adding an extended warranty on an already purchased device is unavailable. The Steam Deck I treated like a new born baby randomly died after 1yr 4m and I was denied warranty coverage.... so it would give me some peace of mind if I was able to get an extended warranty purchased sooner rather than later.

Can anyone from the Lenovo team give me confirmation that I will be able to purchase an extended warranty for my device? If so, is there any idea of when this will be available?

I really need to know whether or not I will be able to extend this as I purchased through Best Buy and the return window will be closing shortly. If I have to return this device to BB and purchase directly from Lenovo so I can choose the extended warranty option, I will. However, this does not seem ideal for all parties involved. 

Lenovo website - New purchase - extension available

Lenovo website - My warranty options - no extension available

  • Hey, let me check on this for you.  You should be able to extend your warranty, I'll try to figure out who specifically you should contact to do so.

  • I reached out to the Lenovo chat team and they have no idea what to do with it.

  • I'll get you both sorted (provided you're in North America, if not may take longer but I'll still try)

  • Hi. I purchased mines from the Lenovo website and I am also unable to extend the warranty past the current 12 months. Even though it has a prompt saying “Lenovo recommends extending your service plan|Extend Now”, It only lets me add Accident Protection for 11 months.

  • Thank you, Ben. I am in North America. I figure there are probably quite a few people that would be interested in doing this. 

  • Ok, have a lot of eyes on this now internally.  Might be a back-end system issue, either way stay tuned, we'll get it fixed, if not I'll find a way to get you what you need.  Appreciate your patience.

  • Thanks Ben.  I'd be interested in this as well.

  • I appreciate it, Ben. Thank you.

  • I have the exact issue and the sales and support teams said this is just how this product is set up. I think that's weird and we should have that option like other products