What games give a better experience with Legion Go?

Hi all,

Just want to ask a question. What games have you played that give a better experience with Legion Go compared to other platforms?

  • Whats other platforms?

    If its Steam Deck, Legion go is faster.

    If its rog ally or chinese 7840U consoles like ayaneo KUN, and so on,they identical BUT Chinese consoles have 32gb and 64gb of RAM models, so they can EASILY set aside more ram for video games.

    They can go as high as 12-16gb for iGPU VRAM and 16GB left doe system, in this case, a handheld like ayaneo KUN will have better graphics, better textures and in some cases it will be faster.

    Also the GO is excellent if you want to play older games or emualtors and was thinking that you dont waste your time playing old ugly games on PC, it has 8.8inch screen, so older games will look OK and they will run fast.

    Its great emulation system, hell even SOME PS3 games run on it, i seen someone running MGS4 which is the most complicated PS3 game

  • RPCS3 simulator runs great in Legion Go, now I can play PS3 games like Castlevania:Harmony of Despair anywhere.

  • "MOST" PS3 games run on it. Surprised me I learned that PS3 is 256M RAM + 256M VRAM Open mouth

  • Cyberpunk plays really well but not sure about Rog Ally performance

  • Cyberpunk runs really great! And for me personally is more fun then on the pc WinkThumbsup

  • My goal when I got the Legion Go was to be able to stop a game on my desktop and continue to play on the go. (mostly at bed...)

    So far the only game that just doesn't work is Sonic Frontiers, but it's an issue with any iGPU.

    I've played Elden Ring, Lies of P, Hades, Hi-Fi Rush, Path of Exile, Spider-Man, Rocket League, RDR2, Yuzu games.

    They all played nice and if you can enable AMD upscaling(on the game or the driver) it becomes even better.

    In the future, I'll probably mod to 32GB of ram, but for now, I have not seen the need for it.

  • I have been playing Diablo 4, Sekiro, FH5, Death's Door (indie), Hades (Indie), COD Modern Warfare II and Street Fighter 6, yuzu Emulation (Metroid Dread), Doom Eternal and i have some others waiting to be played