Battery Charge Threshold

Will there be an option to set the Battery Charge Threshold in order to preserve the battery life? Almost every recent Lenovo Laptop does support this [feature](

This is not to the same as the newly added Battery Charge limits (charge speeds under loads) in BIOS Beta V28 and has not been addressed by Lenovo yet.

  • This is an essential feature for me as well, since I keep my Go plugged in most of the time. 

  • I have the exact same question

  • Yes mostly "docked" use during home time.

  • I would love to see this as well

  • I have requested this a few times for a few months, will see if I can re-ignite the passion for it internally.

  • I was actually curious about this myself as I just got my legion last Saturday and now it only charges to 98%. Would this be considered the same thing as the charging threshold or something entirely different?

  • Thanks but I don't get why it is so diffcult to get this implemented because several other laptops with phoenix socs do have the option (eg the Yoga Slim 7 Gen 8, 14″ AMD).