Updating Bios and graphics drivers

Good evening everybody! My name is Nick and I'm new to Lenovo and the Legion go. I apologize in advance if I'm not posting in the correct area but I need a little help. I received my Legion go today and completed all of the Windows updates and the legion space app so now I'm wondering where to download the latest bios and drivers. Is it automatic or something I have to do manually every time. I appreciate any help given. Thanks in advance and I'll check back in a bit. In the mean time I'll do some google searches on this beast to see what I can learn

  • Hi  ,

    I would give you the advice to download and install the Beta Bios 28 and the beta VGA drivers here from the legion Go group, as they give you many additional features and more performance in games WinkOk handThumbsup

  • You find them at Windows updates but I think they are going to add the option of downloading everything from Space in an upcoming update

  • Thanks for the replies! I appreciate it! My legion Go has the latest official bios. When launching MW3 from the Battle.net app I was getting a gpu notification saying that I didn't have the lastest drivers/Adrenalin software. With a lot of research and YouTube videos I was able to finally download the 23.11.1 drivers/Adrenaline software. I would download the beta bios but I'm unsure since they are not yet officially released and they could change. I'm also worried about messing up my Legion Go Unit if I should download them and something happens where I can't boot up anymore. I did see though somewhere I think it was from Ben that we'll be able to download the drivers and bios updates from the legion spaces app when the update releases which is good because I'm spoiled and I like everything in the same place, lol!