Booting from microSD

Lenovo Team,

Is it possible for you to add booting from MicroSD card to a future firmware update ?

  • +1

    That'd be very cool, I got a few sdxc cards around that could put to use if that's enabled.

  • Can't you already do that from the boot menu?

  • No, unfortunately not. The microSD card doesn't not show up as a bootable device.

  • Ah, ok, it's a pity.

  • This would be an awesome add.

  • I don't think so. Plus it's so slow why would you wanna do it?

  • Because for example, some people might want to use a distribution like Batocera without having to install it on internal SSD or carrying an external USB with them.

  • I agree to boot from SD would expand testing out different OS ports. Example, something like ChimeraOS. 

  • add an adapter to a USB port while the competition knows how to boot on the micro SD...I prefer to boot on the micro SD I don't have anything protruding from the console
  • Being able to boot from Micro sd should be default. I'm really disappointed. I turned a 1TB sd to a bookable batocera specially for the legion. Now I will have to reformat and lose potential storage space.