Call of Duty ban update?

Have we gotten word from an official source about the issue with people playing CoD on handheld getting banned?

I know Anti-Lag can trigger Ricochet, but I wanna know if anything like Legion Space can trigger it as well. I am too nervous to play MW3 right now. 

  • I've been playing MW 3 on my legion since Saturday and I haven't received any notification ban or anything. You should be fine.

  • I believe the issue lies in playing MW3 in GeforceNOW and not running it natively on your handheld. Microsoft/Activision was quoted in an article as looking into it. You should be perfectly fine to play MW3 on your LegionGO.

  • This one is separate from the GeForce NOW issue and has been present before the Legion Go even launched. 

  • Yup, I heard it was the GeForce now cloud play as well . I also just read a couple of days ago that Activision has temporarily disabled the Ricochet anti cheat for MW3. Not sure if it's still disabled or not but I haven't had any problems playing on the Legion Go. I also have the anti lag enabled on the AMD Adrenaline software and still no problems.