v28 BIOS Release

It's out on the China site: 驱动列表 (lenovo.com.cn)

Should be released on the US site within the next few days: laptops and netbooks :: legion series :: legion go 8apu1contentdetail - Lenovo Support US

Edit to add:

Confirmed no change with beta BIOS vs this release.

  • So I'll need to install the official bios over the v28 bios correct?

  • I already have the V28 Beta, and I can't install, it says it already have the same version.

    Question, is this the same or is there another procedure to go to this version from the Beta?

  • See edit in original post.

  • See edit in original post.

  • V28 installed and 6G Vram set!!!!

  • Running Cyberpunk 2077 on High settings not noticing any stutters or anything. Just a note I am not a FPS snob so as long as the game play is smooth and it looks good I will say it is playing well.

  • Thanks for the reply Ben! I'm not gonna touch anything. I'll leave my legion as is for now until the official U.S. bios are released if they have a slight change in anything. If they don't then I'll keep the beta bios v28 until the next version of the beta bios are released. No sense in changing the system constantly if it's not necessary but please still let me know if there are any slight changes between the official bios and the v28 bios when you find out. Thanks for the info on this! I appreciate it!

  • Anyone know what " increase external capability" means in the BIOS? I dont know if it has been there or new with v28. 

  • Does anyone have an issue where after updating to v28, all windows in Windows 11 open in fullscreen/maximized? I tried to do a reformat of Windows and it still does it. Reverting to v26 fixes this issue.

  • I just received the update via the Lenovo Canada website the process was extremely easy and fast

    I did send research about the increase external compatibility… it's for eGPU and others ...