A letter to the Lenovo Team

Hey Lenovo Team! :)

I was just wondering; would it be possible for you guys to release the files for 3d printing off new backplates for the legion GO by any chance? I really think this could be awesome for trying to redesign the backplate for things like better cooling around the m.2, possible backplate with m.2 integrated into it, different colors, etc. I think we saw during initial interviews before the GO launched that you guys would be releasing these and we were just wondering if by any chance you knew if this was still going to be available to us? I really think the 3D printing community could take off if these files were provided to us.

Thank you in advance, 


  • Let me take another swing at it.  Can you tell me exactly what you need in terms of files/formats/etc.?  Sergey and I have both requested it but haven't gotten a response yet (mainly due to attention being put on issue resolution and product improvements).

  • Hey thank you for getting back with us! Its no rush we know you guys are working on ALOT and prioritizing is important! In terms of the 3D printing items I spoke with the community on discord and this is kind of what we are thinking if at all possible. 

    1. A stl/cad file for the backplate including the kickstand for the legion go. We want to be able to redesign this and possibly improve airflow to components as well as provide different colors. 

    2. An stl/cad file for the bracket that is on the battery

    3. Some asked for a stl/cad file for the controller shells if at all possible. 

    Thank you again for working with us on this. We really do feel like the 3D printing community will boom if we were given these files. I know a couple of people who have been trying to mock these up for a bit now and cant get the dimensions right. 

  • Thanks.  Do you have a picture or link to additional info on the battery bracket you're talking about and/or what that would be for in terms of community mods (just for easier communication to back end teams on my part).


  • here is a copy of the bracket that sits on the battery inside the go 

  • It would indeed be nice to not have to reverse engineer this section or the click tabs. 

    This whole thread makes me happy.  Thanks everyone.

  • Plenty of filament standing by ready to make these things! 

  • Plenty of filament standing by ready to make these things! 

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