Those of you who have tried multiple handheld systems, how does the Legion go compare to the others? What do you like about the legion go vs others, what don't you like vs the others, what do you wish would have been different about the legion go?

  • I have numerous devices including the steam deck, ROG ALLY, and number of 6800u devices, as well as a 7840U OneXFly. I really do enjoy the legion Go, specifically the large screen with FPS mode is kinda a cool feature. I would say i prefer the Go over the ROG ALLY (not having SD slot issues is a big one for me), I also like that it has 2 USB C ports.

    overall my favorite device currently is the OneXFly, although its fairly close between the two.

  • My stance on it is it depends on what you want to do. I personally prefer the legion Go right now because of the larger screen, detachable controllers(really opens the carry case options) and USB 4. Steam Deck has a handheld game console experience right out of the box but isn't so friendly with all games(Destiny 2 for example). Rog Ally is light weight, has amazing speakers and via windows is compatible with pretty much any game on PC, but expansion and peripherals isn't open. If you wanted to add an EGPU to your home setup you would be restricted to the asus xgmobile right now which doesn't have an entry level price.

  • Hola buenas, yo he tenido la steam deck y la asus rog ally ahora tengo Legion go, pues la steam deck fue una innovación calidad precio muy asequible para todos pero después me decepciono todo lo que había que hacer para instalar juegos fuera de steam aplicaciones etc ,eso me acabo aburriendo ya que yo me llevo mejor con Windows al final me decante por asus rog ally una mejora en calidad y imagen y audio Dolby atmos y después de un par de meses con la experiencia de la rog ally me entere que salida legion go con mayor pantalla y mayor refresco de  fue lo que me hizo dar el paso por ahora estoy contento a no ser por el movimiento de los mandos tienen una ligera holgura eso me echa para atras,es lo que cambiaria ya que si quieres un mando puedes usar el de Xbox o cualquier otro con bluetooth. También espero una mejora de software del sistema completo pero si la asus tuviera una pantalla de 8,8 pulgadas me abría quedado con ella. Está es mi opinión sincera Un saludo espero que sirva para algo.

  •   I don't own a device yet. I was about to pull the trigger on the ROG Ally, but then found out about the Legion GO (IDK how I missed it). I'll be following this thread since it really is between those 2 devices for me.

  • Agreed. I own an Ally as well and I find myself missing the screen / second USB port when I have to use the Ally over the Go.

  • Is OneXFly worth, haven't seen much on it.

  • This is a good question because before I bought my legion go I was going crazy on which console to buy. I head the steamdeck was the most user friendly out of the box and they have the new system that has the oled screen now. The ROG was another good handheld but then I saw people comparing the consoles because of the vrr. The ROG has it but I'm not sure if the steam deck does and I know that the legion go doesn't have it but it can always be added as an update. I eventually decided on the Legion Go which was the perfect choice for me because it's an actual pc with windows is. I know a lot of people don't like windows but I definitely prefer it over MAC. I also like how the GO has the bigger screen and higher refresh rate than the other 2 handhelds even without the vrr but like I said it can alway be added in an update. The Legion Go in my opinion is the better choice out of all 3 handhelds and has the potential of becoming the mature console with future updates making it the better handheld. I also love how transparent Lenovo is about their support for the go. Asus and Steam are good but could be days before you hear anything back from them regarding updates or queries.

  • never used hand held devices

  • Hi  ,

    I agree with you, even if I didn't have nor the Steam Deck, nor the Ally, I'm quite shore that the Legion Go is the better Device for me. Mainly because of the bigger and great looking screen. For mStuck out tongue closed eyesthe other two screens are just way too small to properly read texts, or for properly seeing the in game huds... Already on the Go it is often exhausting to read the Windows texts, I don't wanna knowStuck out tongue closed eyesow annoying it must be on the Ally Stuck out tongue closed eyes

    VRR is a Hardware feature just supported by hardware though, so they won't be able to implement it into one of their updates. Anyway I still didn't see any tearing whatsoever, not even when playing Wink low framerates with the 60 Hz mode, so it really isn't a problem on the go WinkThumbsup. You get the most fluent look by keeping your device at 144 Hz, even if you are playing at low frame rates.

    It just wont be as smooth as on the Ally with lower frame rates as it has even a mode wich allows it to display motion fluently down to lower then 30 frames.

    Anyway it is no problem to reach at least 30 frames in any AAA game with the Legion so far with the right settings.

  • Hi EvryGama! VRR can be added as a firmware update as it was just added to my 2021 Samsung tv. I turned on my Xbox the other day and the vrr option showed up under setting for my tv. I thought it was hardware based too but it can be added. I also saw a video the other day from a YouTuber that reviewed the Go saying that vrr was supposed to be available but Lenovo removed the feature. I could be wrong though as you can never tell how accurate a source can be.