Those of you who have tried multiple handheld systems, how does the Legion go compare to the others? What do you like about the legion go vs others, what don't you like vs the others, what do you wish would have been different about the legion go?

  • I have numerous devices including the steam deck, ROG ALLY, and number of 6800u devices, as well as a 7840U OneXFly. I really do enjoy the legion Go, specifically the large screen with FPS mode is kinda a cool feature. I would say i prefer the Go over the ROG ALLY (not having SD slot issues is a big one for me), I also like that it has 2 USB C ports.

    overall my favorite device currently is the OneXFly, although its fairly close between the two.

  • Is OneXFly worth, haven't seen much on it.

  • Is OneXFly worth, haven't seen much on it.

  • I really like it, I did a video review of it, as well as a onexfly vs rog ally. if you want to learn more give them a watch.