Those of you who have tried multiple handheld systems, how does the Legion go compare to the others? What do you like about the legion go vs others, what don't you like vs the others, what do you wish would have been different about the legion go?

  • I think your Samsung TV was supporting it hardwarewise from the beginning, the software was just not supporting it yet though... I always heard from many videos it is must be supported by the hardware. (A product must be designed for it)

    But I'm also not 100% shore, and would be pleasantly surprised if it should be implemented by software updates in the future.

  • I really like it, I did a video review of it, as well as a onexfly vs rog ally. if you want to learn more give them a watch.

  • I like the power of the Legion go versus other handhelds,even though it is rather large.

  • I have a Steam Deck for PC gaming and honestly, it is an amazing device, especially for older games but underpowered. Some games run but not well enough to have an enjoyable experience. I bought the Legion Go to get a power bump so I could play all the games. I have played games like RDR2 and GOW on the Go at 1200, they run smoothly and look amazing. I could not even get RDR2 running on the Deck. The screen on this thing is awesome and the size is sweet spot for portable gaming. I am still unable to manually set my TDP since it won't work through the software but I still got 2hrs on GOW at 1200p. I could play this on the deck but would get about 1 1/2 hours of play at lower resolutions. 

    I have two gripes about the Go first isn't Lenovo's fault but Windows isn't a good platform for gaming. Microsoft needs a minimalized OS specifically for this purpose. Steam implemented Steam OS so well it's hard to go back to Windows even with the higher game compatibility. The second is the edge on the controllers. Over all I think these TrueStrike controllers have the best feel. I have larger hands and they are very comfortable more so than the SteamDeck with the caveat of that hard corner at your palm. I am hoping for the release of some new controllers that are ergonomic only and don't offer the FPS mode then I can just use both sets. 

  • Hi Adam! Glad you're enjoying the Legion Go! I just recently purchased mine a couple of weeks ago and before then I was deciding on which handheld to buy. I heard good things about both the Steamdeck and Ally but kept on going back to the legion go with the larger scream and the 144hz refresh rate. There are guides on here to optimize the go. I don't know if you checked them out yet but are definitely worth watching. I just followed along to make all of the adjustments. Another thing I did was go into the settings and turned off the start-up apps that I didn't need and make sure that the game mode switch was on. The game mode switch optimized the games as well by disabling winds apps not needed. It should be on by default but if you turned it off you'll definitely want to flip it back on. Hope this helps!

  • I was also wondering what the pros and cons of the Go.