SSD upgrade Guide

Hey all,

i wanted to share a couple of guides with you all, that will hopefully be helpful for someone.
if you have questions, feel free to ask here, or reply on the video.

  • Really great video.  Easy to follow and informative.   Wow, SSD's are getting smaller every year!

  • Golly gee, I wonder if that voids the warranty! Rofl Still, great video. I'm going to wait until my warranty has expired though!

  • Thanks, this would have come in handy a few months ago.

  • Thanks for this video! I have the 1tb version of the legion go but I was thinking about upgrading to a 2 tb ssd. The one thing that I noticed in the video that was not mention is the thermal tape around the original ssd. You want to make sure the you peel that off carefully and stick it on the new ssd as it helps with the heat being exhausted.

  • Yes... As I upgraded mine to a Corsair 2 TB ssd unluckily when wrapping it (the thermal tape) off from the original ssd it came off diagonally, even though I tried to get it off in a vertical way from the side... It is really difficult to get it off evenly from the original one... Now mine is still more or less covered, but it looks ugly and isn't the optimum functionally anymore I think...

  • Thank you! yes, that is one of the things i missed mentioning in the video. I added it in the pinned comment in hopes people would see it after.

  • thank you! yeah the 2230 SSDs are pretty tiny.

  • it supposedly does not as long as you don't damage during the install and opening. you also will need to reinsert the original SSD when warranty is needed.