SSD upgrade Guide

Hey all,

i wanted to share a couple of guides with you all, that will hopefully be helpful for someone.
if you have questions, feel free to ask here, or reply on the video.

  • I managed to put it out pretty shortly after launch, but wasn't a part of this community until this last week.

  • Thanks!  Great info!

  • Great video though! I'm actually considering upgrading now. I forgot to ask in my last post what the original ssd was that comes with the Legion Go. Is it 2240 or 2242? I would like to buy the actual size that's already in there without adding the adapter.

  • Hi  ,

    it was a 2242. Anyway I would recommend to buy a 2230 as they are same as fast as the original Western Digital SSD (the fastest they can get, and hard to find besides the really expensive 2242 from WD) and almost always cheaper. The Adapter is just an additional piece you add at the end physically to make it longer to be able to fix it - to reach the screw hole, but it doesn't affect anything hardwarewise, as you still connect the 2230 ssds with the same connector directly into the Go as the 2242. Also temparaturewise; I'm having even cooler temperatures with my 2230 ssd Corsair MP600 Core mini according to the temperatures it reaches with Crystalmark and according to the hwinfo tool.

  • Thanks a lot. Something to bookmark for sure.

  • Thanks for info. I always try to make things as easy as possible, lol! I was just trying to save myself a little money with buying all of the accessories needed to upgrade. I'll probably start with the upgrade in a couple months since this month was a lot regarding money. I definitely want to try to get the tools needed though. I found a usb c dock dock that I had recently got from Best Buy tech insiders. I think it's a hyper x brand or something if I'm not mistaken. I just need the ssd. The enclosure, and the tool kit and I should be good to go. Hopefully I can save money and Best Buy tech insiders will offer another ssd and I get it for free

  • With the size of games now, I'm surprised the Legion GO and the ROG Ally don't come automatically with larger drives. It seems silly to force the consumer to risk damaging their unit and voiding the warranty to increase drive space.

  • The original size is 2242 so you’ll want that one if you prefer not to use the adapter.