What games do you recommend for the Lenovo Legion Go for a new user?

Hi everyone! I'm new to the space, and as someone who wants to get a Lenovo Legion Go, I'd like to ask about the possible things someone new has to know about the Legion Go, I get its basically just a PC but I'd still would love to know more about this fantastic piece of software!

  • Your milage may vary, but my first game on the Steamdeck and the Go was Stray.  It was a great, simple game that got me used to the device.  

  • Hey Ima! I don't know if you're into mmorpg type games but Diablo is a great series to play. I just got my legion go last Saturday and the first game I played was Diablo 4. Also, if you're interested in setting up games with the best performance check out this site https://legiongolife.com on how to do so. They have a lot of tutorials and tips and tricks there.

  • My Recommendation for games to try would be action adventure rpg titles. Yakuza, Final Fantasy, Death Stranding, Persona, The Witcher, Tomb Raider

  • I went through and replayed games I had played before and new i loved just to make sure I had a solid baseline for the machine. I replayed Spiderman, Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA5. That gave me the ability to know what I thought of the experience on handheld. Didn't want to bias my opinion of it with a new game that i might not like.

  • Gta V looks beautiful. new GTA looks sickkkk), im also a huge fan of Skyrim and Diablo. Im sure youll love your new device

  • Hi-Fi RUSH runs incredible well on the Lenovo Legion!
  • God there are soooooo many good ones. Right now I'm really enjoying alan wake 2 on my go 

  • Ori and the blind forest? On XGP which is gifted 3 month. Run well on 2K screen.

  • I don't have a go, yet, but thought this question was a great idea.   Good Idea Ima.   All of the answers give me an idea of how powerful the Go is.

  • This is a great questions.. it is what I would post as I am new to this as well.. thanks for asking