Lenovo Vs Steamdeck

Hey all! I finally have some extra money to spend and have been wanting a portable gaming device for quite some time. All i have right now is a Switch lite. My question is, which device (Legion Go or Steamdeck) have you guys had a better experience with? My buddy has a steamdeck but i recently just discovered the Legion Go. Let me know what ya'll think

  • If you are a PC gamer. The legion go. If you are a console gamer the legion go. It's just more powerful honestly. Your future proofing yourself quite a bit over the power of the deck. 

  • If you want something purely to play games on then the Steamdeck would be the better option. However, if you want a portable PC then the Legion Go is the better option. 

  • If you want something that works out of the box like a console or your Switch, then definitely the Steam Deck. Here you no longer have to deal with any drivers or anything else.

    But if you want a small PC, then Legion Go. It has more power and you can use it like a full-fledged PC.

  • Deck OLED(I assume you do not want LCD one at this price point):
    7.4 inch 90Hz, has higher brightness and deeper black.

    Lighter, not detachable so maybe sturdier, better battery life.

    Better controller customization, better touchpad/mouse input support.

    Legion Go:
    8.8 inch 2k144 streaming game from PC and playing video(battery life ~5h) is too good.

    Way better touch screen + tabletop mode.

    Almost 2x the performance(but bigger screen(4x resolution) to drive), especially if you want play gen 7+ emulator. BTW I can play Forza Horizon 5 at ~2K 50FPS(FSR performance) which looks super nice.

    Even though no SteamOS but being Windows it can play almost everything if Deck can't(well, unless Deck can with Windows too).

  • I say it really comes down to what games you want to play. I have the Steam Deck and it could run Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at a pretty much locked 30FPS, but that’s the limit I’ve found, it struggles with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. One of the biggest issues with Fallen Order however was EA, it’s a single player only game through Steam but you still have to be connected to the internet and there’s an EA app which runs in the background, if it’s disconnected from the internet then at some point (sometimes 5 minutes and sometimes an hour), it’ll put a big error message in the middle of the screen, game still runs fine! You just can’t see anything. The Legion Go however has had little issues bar from frames going nuts, very much looking forward to when the update to lock FPS limits comes to play just so the drops aren’t jarring.

    The Steam Deck also has a verified system, but this I would very much take with a pinch of salt, Ratchet & Clank: Rifts Apart + Cyberpunk 2077 are both Steam Deck verified but take heavy settings tweaking to get working, the deck sadly isn’t just turn on and let’s go, you still have to do ye old PC gaming fiddling of settings and optimising.

    Bonus of the Legion Go is I’ll be able to play my strategy games! For the right controller becomes a rather strange mouse, there’s currently really bad connection issues though, or it just might be a faulty unit I’m unlucky enough to get, still looking into it.

    If you’re looking at more meaty games, 100% the Legion Go (Although maybe wait for the updates to roll in and the team to iron out the mountain of bugs (Which to be fair is common these days for devices on launch, even the iPhone 15 Pro had it) and implement the ever growing mountain of requests from users, to which they’re doing a rather speedy job I say), but you will need to be connected to a power supply to do anything meaningful, battery dropped by 10% in a few minutes just sat on Windows, meaty games can also just devour the battery, (I got about 10-15 minutes of Jedi Survivor). If you’re into your indie games and some older titles (Control worked very well!) then the Steamdeck might be a shot, extremely comfortable and the battery even on Fallen Order lasted about 1.5hrs, just invest in a battery pack and your good to go.

    Hope this helped!

    How can you stream games calculated on your Desktop Gaming PC onto the Lenovo Legion Go? I always wanted to do this, but (not having looked too long for it yet) I couldn't find it on a first glance. I always though it would be a feature I could access directly from the Legion Space, as I thought I saw an option for this on one of the old first screenshots of it, but I never saw this feature again...