Product Request

How would i submit an idea to Lenovo for a new product and also be able to get a free sample for submitting the idea LOL? Kinda kidding about the free sample.

  • You can just tell them the idea here. They will get it and we will likely give you feedback. Or you could start up a million dollar business and build it yourself. That could work.

  • Would it be feasible to make a monitor with a built in GPU? There is a couple outfits making eGPUs now and a handfull of eGPU cases out there. Was wondering what it would take to make a gaming monitor with one built in. My idea is for an all in one monitor docking setup with the gaming version having a GPU built in. This would allow laptop and handheld owners the ability to just buy an all in one solution for gaming.

  • So basically like an IMac only with Windows and tailored for gamers?
    I think there are already All in one Monitor PCs with windows too - right? Just not tailored for Gamers and mostly quiet weak...

    Anyway sounds good and would save the place for the desktop tower. Could be using Gaming Laptop Hardware and would need a good cooling solution too. Hopefully with a bigger and quieter cooler then in Laptops as I hate them for their loud and annoying noise!
    Compared to Gaming Laptops the Legion Go is as quiet as a feather falling onto the floor ;-P.