Legion Go Update 12.08.23

Happy Friday,

I don't have too much to update this week beyond what we covered last week: Legion Go Update 12.01.23 | Lenovo Gaming (US)

Some quick hitters:

  • DeadZones & Joystick Sensitivity
    • Got a preview last night of the DeadZone settings that will be implemented, looks like it will do the job but haven't tested myself yet
    • The update will also include Response Curve settings for L/R Joysticks
    • This is still on track to be released in the mid-December update.
    • We will continue to make improvements to this if necessary after release
    • Left and Right Trigger settings are slated for the Late December/Early January update.
  • V28 BIOS Release
    • Officially released on the support site: Lenovo Support US
    • This is identical to the "Beta v28 BIOS"
    • If you installed the Beta v28 BIOS you do not need to "upgrade" to this version as there is no difference
  • New VGA Drivers
    • Per previous post, still on track to release soon (within next 1-2 weeks, hopefully on the earlier side of that)
    • Will hopefully include integer scaling enabled without the need for registry changes
    • Will include fixes and improvements seen in the 11/7 test driver as well as additional improvements
  • 12/1 Legion Space Update Issues (v1.0.2.3)
    • Battery percentages dropped off of the icons in the right flyout menu, this will be added back in the mid-December update
    • For users having issues with L/R Legion buttons not working after the update, there is a bug where windows "Battery Saver" mode is not allowing the LSDaemon.exe process to run properly, try disabling battery saver mode and reloading Space to solve
    • Discrepancies between Legion L+Y and the new custom power profiles, power button lights, etc. are a known issue that's being worked on and should hopefully be resolved in the mid-December update.
  • Xbox Button Mapping
    • We're going to try to get something added to the mid-December update for now (Legion L+RS is the working assumption for the shortcut)
    • We will further enhance this in later updates as we add more button mapping options
  • Additional Issues being tracked/investigated (new vs 12.1 update, non-exhaustive list)
    • SSD Temperature concerns (may have been debunked but investigating just in case)
    • SD Reader stability issues / choppy gameplay that some users are experiencing
  • Miscellaneous
    • Was able to sneak in the addition of an "Alt+F4" command into the quick settings for mid-December release
    • We are working to ensure a path to upgrade your warranty/ADP options.  Applicable teams have been (re)briefed to handle the requests and the online system should be ready to accept upgrade requests by late Jan/Early Feb at the latest.  Apologize for the inconvenience there.

Thanks as always for your continued interest, patience, support, and understanding.

Disclaimer: The details provided herein are intended as a courtesy update and do not serve as a binding commitment or warranty. Lenovo cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information and reserves the right to modify product and service plans at any time. We are not liable for reliance on the projected timelines or features, which are subject to change based on various business needs and product development considerations.

    What I didn't hear about in all of the lists of Updates you are currently working on so far:
    Is there going to be a Stream function as visible on the picture of the Legion Go on the official Product page (you can see a screenshot of it below), to be able to connect the Go to a PC and let the PC do the calculation, but to play on the Go (for example from another room over Wi-Fi)?

    Or with this "Stream" function was it meant to allow your to stream to Youtube/Twitch/Facebook etc. like in OBS Studio?

    I would love to have a streaming function from the PC to be able to play on the Go with full details and to be taking complete advantage of the full resolution with it's 1600p screen!
    Is this something you are going to implement into LegionSpace?

    Legion Go LegionSpace with "Stream" function

  • I am not that sure what you mean because you can already do that. Just launch f.ex. Steam and choose a game to stream on the Go. If you want to stream other titles on the Go from your gaming rig, just use Moonlight/Sunshine

  • Hi  ,
    thank you - I didn't know that. As I was writing, I didn't look deeper into it yet. I will try it out with Moonlight then ;-).

     Anyway it would be great to have a built in streaming option, as it seems it was thought of in the beginning.

  • Hi  ,
    thank you - I didn't know that. As I was writing, I didn't look deeper into it yet. I will try it out with Moonlight then ;-).

     Anyway it would be great to have a built in streaming option, as it seems it was thought of in the beginning.

  • I've been using GeForce now to stream cyberpunk. its amazing. 2560x1600@144hz and max settings including path tracing while running the go at 5~8 watts

  • That sounds really great! On PC I tried Geforce now, but it gave me a too blurry image. On the Go and his 8,8 inches screen it could be really great! Going to try it out too WinkThumbsup

    Thanks for the tip Ok hand

  • I had similar problems on my PC (48" 4k oled)

    on the legion Go it looks native. I can't see any noticeable blurriness. keep in mind connection speed is very important.

  • GFN will also work well but note that its not a free service. In the free tier you can only stream up to 1080p, will disconnect you every 1 hour and it looks like its "sold out" on many regions. The rest of the services have longer sessions and up to 4K@120FPS with HDR but cost. Also Geforce Now doesn't support a lot of games. The benefit is that you dont need a host computer for this but if you do have a gaming rig, Moonlight/Sunshine is still by far the best solution, even better than nVidia's own gamestream that has now been discontinued to the public but that GFN still uses. It supports everything GFN does and even PCM5.1 multichannel audio something that I think GFN doesn't support.

  • Ill have to look into that. I tried streaming through steam with pretty poor results. 60fps limited and limited resolution choices. With GFN I can run it native at 2560x1600@120fps. Nvidia's steam service was also poor when I tested it.