Stutter, but no frame drop?

Has anyone else experienced a stutter playing an online game? In my experience ive had a few stutters in COD but I dont get a frame drop or packet burst reading game or on the legion FPS overlay. Wanting to see if anyone has experienced this and possibly encountered a remedy. Thanks! 

  • Most of my stuttering has come from frame drops, usually loading into a new area in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The controllers currently don’t stay connected for too long so I’ve not ventured into online gaming yet!

  • I gotta run cod a minimum 1200p FSR1 performance for that to go away, been fine since

  • Could be depending on the online connection, or overpopulated servers?

    Probably just the 1% lows. I would recommend trying a lower graphics setting/resolution first and see if that helps. And try turning on FSR WinkThumbsup

  • I'm not sure that I know the difference between a Stutter and a Frame Drop....  But get this somewhat randomly; maybe once every other day.

  • Make sure the internet connection is good. When I play cod with bad internet it stutters, and lags as well, but when I do have good internet it plays flawless.really smooth 

  • As someone who plays a lot of Battlefield and used to play a lot of COD, I have found that stuttering usually happens from overpopulated servers or corrupted files or bad optimization in the shader compilation. I have come to this conclusion because I have monitored and tested my internet while playing and my high speed internet would be fine. I always set my graphics card to low latency mode for multiplayer games even if I am not getting any lag or stutter as an extra precaution.

  • I will love to see for my self.

  • Have not experienced this to date, but would make sure you have a secure internet connection.

  • I second this one!