Controllers constantly disconnecting.

So, connected they work fine, zero issue. However I didn’t buy the Legion Go to play stood on a train, the main reason was the detachable controllers and kickstand, so at lunch I can kick back and relax at work.

The issue is though, whilst detached I can’t go 15-20 minutes without the controllers disconnecting. Sometimes it’s even within the 2 minutes range. It’s like if you walk too far away with them or you don’t use them for a few minutes. But I’m not even a meter away, sat at a table or have the unit on my chest. The problem is specially worst with the right controller. Sometimes this disconnection is preceded by extreme input delay, like pressing X to do an attack or open a chest only to fine 2-3 seconds latter it actually happens.

I’ve tried factory resetting the controllers with the pin hole, doing the whole L1, L2 + L3 and R1, R2 + R3 reset, drivers are all the latest from Lenovos website, batteries are all charged + I’ve done a static discharge, problem only happens in wireless mode and it’s present in both Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Stardew Valley, also happens in all power/cooling modes (Quiet, Performance, Custom etc).

I’m thinking I have a faulty unit, happens sometimes. But I’m interested to see if anyone has had the same issues. I’ve read up a lot and found a lot of talk of dead zones and some gyro things, but not the connection.

(other added point, anyone getting very poor battery life? I know meaty games don’t expect too much, but I mean Stardew valley on quiet mode got me an hour before I needed to connect to some juice, My Steamdeck basically has all day with Stardew Valley).

  • I am not sure what is causing your controllers to disconnect so often, but that problem may be related to your short battery life. The Go could be expending energy trying to communicate/find the controllers, and this could be lowering your battery life faster. This is just a guess.

    If I were in your position, I would consider doing a restore of Windows. Be sure to download all of the Legion Go drivers first and save them to external media. Another option is calling tech support.

    The problems with your controllers disconnecting and your fast battery drain issue are not normal for the Legion Go and hopefully you get the resolved. Best of luck to you.

    1 hour in Stardew Valley sounds like way too less on quiet mode! It should allow you to play at least 2 hours and probably up to 3 hours...

    I'm sorry to say; to me that sounds not normal at all, and I would recommend you too to contact tech support and to try to get the unit replaced...

  • Unsure where you're testing your Legion Go setup, but perhaps others around you are using Bluetooth headphones or other wireless accessories that might be interfering with your wireless controllers. Cordless phones on the 2.4GHz band used to conflict with the early versions of the 802.11 WiFi standard (and it was usually recommended to try changing the WiFi channel of one of the devices). Maybe something similar is happening to your device.

    I don't know what wireless protocol the Legion Go controllers use.

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    Jay makes an excellent point on signal interference. Here is a link to an article for a quick read Audio Solutions Question of the Week: What Causes Bluetooth Interference? | Audio-Technica

    Microwaves are another culprit of 2.4Ghz signal interference.

  • So, just played another Stardew Valley session with my girlfriend, she’s on her MacBook Pro and me on the Legion go. I timed it and it went from 91% down to 70% in about 55minutes. Much more acceptable. Not sure what was going on before but about an hour for 20% whilst playing online + using the on board speakers for a game as simple as Stardew is much more acceptable. In theory, a good 3hrs if not more.

    I have an Anker 737 Powerbank, which so far has given me about 2hrs on Jedi Survivor and still on 20%, will need to have a full on session where I play until both the battery bank and Legion go both hit about 10%-5%.

    It might have just been an early glitch where Windows was still going Windows things in the background.

    • That’s an excellent point about the controllers and makes sense. I did have a chat with Lenovo Support who got my to do a Static Discharge and disconnects have stopped with some exceptions.

    I’ve the main tablet has an unobstructed line of site to the controllers it seems to work fine, however if I cross my arms whilst playing they disconnect, importantly if anything at all gets in the way, they also go. For example, tablet on the coffee table they’ll play fine, until I put my arms down on my legs, on me and my girlfriend was a blanket, the controllers freaked out and I realised it’s because the coffee table is lower so technically the blanket is now in the way. If I sat back and put my arms on the back of the sofa that was also too far away. 

    I discovered using the trackpad the mouse was nice and smooth, but it then became choppy if I put my arms back or like I mentioned about, so I do thinks it’s a range thing and the unit always being like,”Oh no, boost the signal where are you controllers?”

    in any case, the right controller is deffo worse,

    With the above in mind, I have played a lot on my bed, desk, train and kitchen with no issues providing I don’t break line of sight. I have a USB-C portable display for work, I’m going to try hooking it up tomorrow on my break, try and mimic if I were connected up to a projector or TV, it’s rare I’ll ever do that but it’s on the off chance I do, if I have more issues I might just ask for an exchange.

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    I’ve commented above with what I’ve found 

    But to answer your question my original post was written after only using my device in my room. Can’t imagine much interference until I realised the WiFi doesn’t reach my room, my landlord has a couple of Ethernet cables, one of which is to my MacBook Pro which acts as a WiFi Router so I can have WiFi for my iPad and iPhone in bed at night, it’s a 2014 MacBook Pro, no idea what signal it’s kicking out but that might have something to do with it.