Lenovo showing my device is "Out of Warranty" and was just bought from Best Buy on Dec 12th


I need some support. I have just purchased the Legion Go from Best Buy on December 12th and was trying to add the Accidental Damage Protection on the Lenovo site. When I input the serial number (both manual and using Bridge), It shows that the Item is "Out of Warranty" with an Alert that says "Alert: Your system is out of warranty and bearing the end of the service life". This has to be an error on the system but I need help getting it corrected. 

Can someone direct me to how I can get this error fixed. I want to sign up for the additional upgrades but need this fixed in order to do so. 


  •  Saw some people in the community trying to help with this and I don't believe they reached a solution that worked

  • Call the Lenovo support number and they should most definitely be able to assist you with that.  The number:  1-855-253-6686

    Good luck in getting it solved.

  • I've had this happen to me with other products. It's possible that Best Buy didn't register the serial number with Lenovo. Customer support should be able to help. Much easier if you have some kind of receipt.

  • Thanks I had reached out to them and they directed me to the support page where there is a section for Warranty Correction. I wrote a short description and attached a copy of my digital receipt from Best Buy. They said it may take 24-48 hours. Once I understand the process and feedback (and hopefully positive result), I will put an update on here in case it happens to someone else 

  • as someone whos updated the warranty, the website is broken in showing that reflection, its been a month and my system still shows I need to correct the purchase date on it. 

    If you look up the serial and click the warranty tab on the left, in the next day or 2 just look for the warranty history tab, should have a start date, and days left that will show you the correct warranty. The default one that pops up with the green bar that shows the year and date is broken. Ben mentioned the site was going to be fixed by February for those looking to extend warranty beyond the year, I am hoping the fixes for this come as well. 

  • Not every serial number at checkout is scanned which could be the case, it depends on the type of item and sometimes between models. Best for them to check the receipt because it would print if it was captured by the associate.

  • Hello Everyone. Just wanted to post an update for anyone who might have this issue in the future.

    If you're warranty isn't showing up go to the following link:


    For the request type choose "Warranty/Correction", explain the situation including date of purchase, from where, and add a copy of receipt as an attachment.

    For those who purchase from Best Buy, note that the receipt does not include the serial number, however if you go to the best buy app, under your account, click on purchases, and the click store order, it will brinf up the transaction receipt including the serial number.

    Lenovo then opens a case and they had it corrected for me in 24 hours.

    Shout out to Micaela from Customer Service for the great support! I'm having issues being able to purchase the Accidental Damage protection but I will coordinate with her and see how to fix it.

    However the issue of the post has been rectified!

  • Sweet, thanks for the update. I hope lenovo offers extended warranty soon