eGPU success stories

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone has had any success with eGPUs with the Go. I wanna get a Razer Core X Chroma but I can’t find a new one and they’re all pretty expensive. What kinds of setups are you running and about how much did it cost. (USD)


  • I have a Razer Chroma with a 4080FE, works great.

  • I have the Original Razer core V1 with a 4060TI and no issues other than having to run the Canary build of windows to have a seamless install of the driver via GeForce Experience. I heard there is another work around by manually installing in safe mode, but I don't mind the canary build. I wish windows would refine their recommended settings for handhelds. Or if Lenovo would have a script that you could run to optimize windows settings for the legion go. It is great to have a true all in one for the way I use computers. I was playing Cyberpunk on my flight this morning, surfing the web and watching YouTube at my desk now and can pick up with Cyberpunk ray tracing tonight.

  • Did you have to run windows canary or did you do the safe mode install?

  • I simply let the Legion Go boot fully into windows and downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers, then plugged in the eGPU which then powered on and was discovered by windows immediately.  Then I installed the latest nvidia drivers and rebooted and it powered back up and all was good, ran some game tests and had no issues whatsoever.

  • I use an Akitio Node from almost 6 years ago and it is still good for my RTX4070.

    I also recently got a TH3P4G3, but this one will blue screen the LegionGO when running Win11 22H2. People have said it works with 23H2 see:

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    Can you share with me the steps you did? I have the same set up. 4070 with akitio node. Was not plug and play friendly as i thought (using canary build)

  • I wouldn't bother, I had a Razor Core X with RTX4070 and the performance was dire. Plus the usb 4 port is only X2 as opposed to full X4 speed which certainly doesn't help. For the same money you can buy a small RTX 4 series laptop instead

  • I have a oneXgpu and it’s garbage. The legion go’s APU can play the games at a higher, more stable frame rate the vast majority of the time. I tried to return it and they won’t accept it. Definitely avoid the oneXplayer store as they will steal your money.

  • I have the original Razer Core (V1) with a GTX 1080 that was left over from when I was using it with my old Razer Blade.  It works without a hitch and is nice to have a solution that serves as a desktop dock though I have noticed it's better to first boot up the Legion Go before plugging in the Razer Core.  it will get me double the framerate versus using the integrated graphics if I use it, and have been considering getting the low profile RTX 4060 for it since the power supply is a bit limited on the original Razer Core model.