Specific SD card problem on Legion Go FREEZES


I don't know if this is the right place to post key feedback, so apologies if not.

The Legion Go SD card is exhibiting a very specific problem (tried on two machines)  Note:  The Steam Deck and Ally do not have this problem, with the same cards,  so it is not a generic SD card problem.

It does not matter how the card is formatted, or what size allocation is chosen, the same fault occurs regardless.  It is also nothing to do with length of play, or heating.

Basically any attempt to play roms on emulators such as Dolphin or PCSX2 results in complete freezes every so often, for about 2 seconds.  It might not occur for 20 minutes or more, or it might start doing it after a couple of minutes, but it happens almost every time.

This is not the sort of minor stutter that one sees on all gaming phones/decks/ally's.  Instead it is a complete freeze, and makes games nearly unplayable.

This is a real shame, as the main point of the Legion Go for many people is to play these old retro games (from the card) on its beautiful screen.

My hope is that it is a software problem, rather than hardware, and some update will fix it.   It seems as though the Legion GO is doing some sort of 'check' (not a normal sd card read) every so often, that freezes it.

Have to say, it may be a deal breaker for people that want the Legion Go for many old retro games and emulators.  It seems a really odd fault to not spot by Lenovo.

  • I dont have these issues running PS3 games off an SD card. Be sure to toggle the max fan speed on all the time manually until we get proper fan curves control. The device is most probably throttling. 

  • I would try running this update to see if it works. There is some awareness of stuttering occurring but it's a bit complicated of an issue

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  • I just came from another post about microSD cards in terms of price and value and saw your related post.

    First... I've had the same problem as you with microSDs on the Legion Go. After installing a Linux Steam Deck Edition distro, the same microSDs have no problems under Linux.

    Second... I literally just remembered something that worked YEARS AGO to alleviate the issue we've experienced. I don't know if this will work with Windows 11, but it worked with Windows 7. In Disk Management as an administrator, designate your microSD as a hard drive. This worked extremely well on Windows 7, I'm not sure if the option exists under Windows 11, but it's worth a shot. You would need to fix a drive letter to the microSD or mount it https://www.easeus.com/partition-manager-software/mount-sd-card-as-permanent-storage-local-drive-in-windows-10.html

    Like I said... it worked years ago for me with Windows 7, and I just now remembered it. It could potentially work for Windows 10/11 stuttering problems.

  • Sounds like a great idea and definetly worth a try, as so many people are still experiencing stutters with their SD cards on the Go! WinkThumbsup   if you could try if this helps, and could report back if this helped, it would be great and possibly also help many other people! WinkOk handOk handThumbsup