Joystick Sensitivity & Deadzones still have something very wrong going on.

Before the controller update we had some obvious wonky sensitivity/deadzones on the joysticks.

Now after the update, the issue gets worse the further the curve is modified from the default diagonal.

We can see deadzones on each of the diagonals both before and after adjusting the curve, but especially on the bottom left of the left joystick and top right of the right joystick, and especially after modifying the curve.

This can be reproduced everytime, return the sensitivity curve to the default and the error margin can be brought back down to about 1.8%, (best case) move back to a flatter diagonal and get up to 10-15% error.

Note that recalibrating the sticks does help each time and is also needed when returning to the default diagonal. Infact there are random results each time recalibrating, sometimes taking 3-5 times to get it back to ~1.8%. I find recalibration to be very finicky and random itself.

In real world terms, what does this mean? It means the joysticks dont feel smooth, and when using the sensitivity curve in certain ways become unuseable for aiming in games or having a consistent feeling of input.

There appears to be something wrong with the joysticks still and it's possible the sensitivity curve is now adding confusion to working out what is the underlying issue.


  • Wanted to add, I'm having a lot of trouble with this too.  I made a Reddit post and a forum post here about it:

     Left stick sensitivity issues after recent controller firmware update 

    This latest controller firmware update has made my left stick completely unreliable.  I am able to (somewhat) resolve the issue when playing local games by modifying the sensitivity settings, but when streaming games via the Xbox app the issue is even worse and I haven't found any way to resolve it.  Before the controller firmware update that deployed just over 2 weeks ago, I was playing local games and streaming games via the Xbox app and the diagonal movements on the left stick always worked as expected. 

  • It is not my job to need to track every report of this issue however with no formal acknlowedgement of the issue I feel forced to do this.

    I have 7 Reddit posts now relating to this issue, I can not post the links as I am flagged as spam.

    So far we have constant mentions of this issue on reddit and it effects everyone differently but it is a real problem and movement and aiming feel wonky.

    Lenovo please look into this or contact me directly to let me know its being investigated so I can take a break from monitoring the user reports.


  • having the same issue. In windows controller calibration it shows that the thumbstick simply will not go the full output travel diagonally. Sth's definitely wrong with the firmware or the hardware.

    see pics:

  • I'm noticing the same problem. How did you even get the windows calibration tool? I tried following steps in the device manager and can't find it.

  • Offline in reply to Matt C.

    From my experience the windows calibration doesn't change anything. It is found when you search controllers in control panel.

    I have so far been receiving replacements from Lenovo, have had 2 rounds of replacements, the first round improved one side of the controllers to have no deadzones, so I think its mostly a hardware fault, I am still trying to get a good 2nd side after 2 rounds of replacements.

  • The stock settings for the analogs are awful. I have mine setup somewhat similar in the top picture. It makes a huge difference.