Legion Go RealTek Card Reader Beta Driver 10.0.22631.21370_20231124_WHQL

**** Updated 2/2/2024 ****

  • Newer beta driver available which may further improve performance.
  • Added instructions for uninstall of current driver if not showing up in apps.
  • Installation/rollback process is the same just with different version numbers for the updated driver.


Hi All,

In an effort to try to resolve some of the stuttering issues some of you are experiencing, we'd like to offer up this beta SD reader driver to better understand if the updates within can address any of the lag issues you may be experiencing.

!!Some important notes here:

1) Don't install this if you don't have a RealTek card reader (The Go ships with either RealTek or Genesys card readers)*

2) Don't install this if you don't need to (i.e. you are not currently experiencing any performance issues with your SD reader/card)

3) Not making any guarantees this will completely fix or even help with the problem, but some people have seen improvement with it so offering it in case/in the hopes that it helps somewhat

*To determine which card reader you have

  1. Open device manager (windows key + x) > device manager or simply search "device manager" in the windows search
  2. Under "memory technology devices" it should say Realtek PCIE CardReader:

Beta Driver Advisory (revised 11/29):

  1. Beta Status: This driver is in beta, meaning it's still undergoing rigorous testing. It's not a final product and may have bugs or issues that could impact your device's performance.

  2. Voluntary Use: Your decision to participate in this beta is entirely voluntary. Downloading and installing this driver is at your discretion, understanding the inherent risks of using a product in beta.

  3. Warranty Assurance: While we offer this beta driver "as-is" and cannot guarantee its functionality or a bug-free experience, please be assured that using it will not void your device's warranty under Lenovo's terms. However, we cannot extend any warranties, expressed or implied, specific to this beta driver.

  4. Feedback & Support: We value your input! Share your experiences in the designated forum. While we may not be able to respond to each comment individually, our team will monitor the feedback for insights and improvements. Note: Official support for this driver is not available, but our service team is ready to assist with general queries.

  5. Potential Updates: This beta driver is a work in progress. We may issue updates, fixes, or even release a final version in the future. Installing this driver does not automatically enroll you in future updates.

  6. Opting Out: If you encounter issues or prefer not to use this beta driver, you can easily revert to the stable, official version available on our website. Instructions for reverting are provided below*

We thank you for your participation and understanding as we work towards enhancing your experience with the Legion Go.

By downloading and installing this test driver, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms.

Driver Install File (from 1/26): RtsPer_5F00_10.0.22631.21370_5F00_20231124_5F00_WHQL.zip

Driver Install File (from 2/2): RtsPer_5F00_10.0.22631.21370_5F00_debug_5F00_20240122_5F00_WHQL.zip

Installation Process:

  1. Remove (Uninstall) current/old driver
    1. Windows search for "add or remove programs", find "Realtek Card Reader",
    2. Uninstall and follow that process to completion
    3. OR (if you don't see this SW package listed in your apps): Go into device manager, find the RealTek SD reader, right click, and uninstall device.
  2. Unzip the RtsPer_10.0.22631.21370_20231124_WHQL.zip file with the zip utility of your choice (windows, winzip, 7zip, etc.)
  3. Open the folder and Navigate to setup.exe and run it as administrator
  4. Follow and complete the installation process.
  5. Check device manager again to ensure Realtek driver is installed and is updated to the 11/23/2023 date and 10.0.22631.21370 version:

To Uninstall the Driver and Roll Back to Previous official release:

  1. Download the latest officially released SD reader drivers from Lenovo here: download.lenovo.com/.../pfx8010febhfyff0.exe 
  2. Uninstall the current driver per above "installation process step 1".
  3. Run the pfx8010febhfyff0 exe file you downloaded and follow installation process to completion.

Please let us know one way or another (in this thread if possible) whether this hurt/helped/had no effect on your freezing, stuttering, or lag issues.


  • I have installed the driver from 1/26 but the issue was already gone when I deactivated the modern standby. Maybe with these newer drivers, deactivating the modern standby is not needed.

  • It's basically a reduction to the lowest possible value for the wake up time... i.e. comes out of sleep as quickly as it can, but the minimum value is 1 second I believe.  I believe disabling modern standby effectively prevents it from going to sleep at all thus there is no lag from waking up because it never needs to.  Thats the idea anyway.

  • exacly the same here, now they are shorter and not so often but still happening. im having this using pcsx2 emu btw.

  • The drivers work great! Tested with Drakengard on Pcsx2. I used to get a stutter/freeze for like a second every time dialogue pops up which was unplayable for me as I would get stutters every 15-30 seconds. Now I played a whole 30 minutes without a single stutter/freeze. Thank You! I will post more as I test more games and emulators.

  • Am now playing Army of Two on Rpcs3 and it runs smooth after Shader compilations are done. I will try Yuzu after I complete the game. Also, does any of your legion go's get stuck on restarting? I have to force shutdown every time I try to restart my Go but booting and shutting off work fine and is very fast. I could not find a fix online.