What is the “Auto” in the Auto UMA option?

From what I see it is just a 0.5GB UMA buffer setting, similar to the already available 3GB, 4GB, 6GB and 8GB options.

The system has 16GB RAM. Some of that can be reserved for video memory. This is what the UMA setting is. This is called dedicated VRAM

The rest of the RAM will be managed by Windows, which can give up to half of it to the GPU. This is called dynamic VRAM.

So for the 4GB setting you will see 4G dedicated, 6G max dynamic VRAM in e.g. Task Manager. (Actual numbers are a bit smaller.)

With Auto UMA I am seeing 0.5G dedicated 7.5G max dynamic. So this is by all means looks like a 0.5G UMA setting, there is nothing more “automatic” in it than the other settings.

Is there anything more to the naming of this setting than marketing?

  • Cool, I didnt know either

  • I have mine to 6gb as it seems to be the happy medium for me when playing games. I guess it all depends on personal preference though. 

  • I found it pretty OK on auto setting. From Ashes to Battlefield 5.. I dont see any issues..

  • I think what is happening, as intended, is that for your particular setup in Auto UMA mode, it will not differentiate because your system is not particularly bottlenecked so the demand for fluctating UMA isn't there.

    On other systems Auto UMA would produce different results I think.

  • Interesting. Thanks. RAM management has come a long way.

  • I forgot mention in my previous reply is that I didn't want to set it to auto and then have it set to a setting a lower setting playing a game when I higher setting might make the game run better. To me auto is like a recommended setting. But I definitely see what X is talking about with the bottleneck be set on a specific setting. I guess it's just all based on recommendation

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    I think so too, I think as soon as you will start a game it will adept to the demand and automatically change the assignments depending on the situation. The referred Values seam to be idle values to me.

  • So let me ask everyone this then. Would you say it's better on auto or keep it on 6gb? I just don't want it going to a lower setting when it doesn't need to

  • Thanks for highlighting this - had no idea this was an option in memory management. Interesting!

  • I believe the setting needs to be tested out more by the community, but I have it set to auto and haven't had an issue yet.