EVERYTHING JUST WORKS!! Install a Linux Steam Deck Edition

Since the Legion Go launched in October of 2023 I've had a sometimes fantastic and sometimes frustrating experience. I personally believe many of the frustrations are not due to hardware, but software as in Windows as well as drivers. Issues such as gyro not working correctly since launch, yes, I know Handheld Companion is a worthy workaround as well as Steam input, but getting it to work seamlessly takes a bit of effort if switching from one game in which you aren't using gyro to using gyro and vice versa. The microSD card stuttering when accessing data induces hair pulling and more problematic things.

Many of my woes have disappeared after installing a Linux Steam Deck edition as a dual boot alongside Windows 11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79_FpshjYyA 

For the past few weeks I've been researching if installing a Steam Deck edition of a Linux distro on my Legion Go is worthwhile. Ultimately, days ago I decided Bazzite Steam Deck Edition https://github.com/ublue-os/bazzite?tab=readme-ov-file# was perfect for me instead of Steam Deck Editions of NoboraOS or Chimera OS. Although those distros are worthy options https://github.com/aarron-lee/legion-go-tricks?tab=readme-ov-file#which-linux-distro-should-i-install I found Bazzite to be the most compelling.

I partitioned my 1TB hard drive into two equal size partitions and swap as needed two 1TB microSDs (one for each OS) for additional storage (providing a total of approximately 1.5TB of storage per OS).

On Bazzite... simply put... IT JUST WORKS!!

Okay... well technically speaking there are a small amount of "bugs", https://github.com/aarron-lee/legion-go-tricks?tab=readme-ov-file#current-status-of-linux-on-the-lenovo-legion-go yet it is a FANTASTIC daily driver gaming OS, and much better than Windows 11!

If you've been frustrated with your Legion Go, consider taking the time to dual boot a Linux Steam Deck Edition... you'll fall in love again with your device!

  • Congrats on successfully troubleshooting the issues you were having, this is great advice for those with a Legion Go who are experiencing the same thing or just want to try running Linux rather than Windows.

  • Happy 2024! I hope to catch up with all upgrades. So great! Have a great day, everyone! 

  • Good luck on your endeavour. I think I made a total of 3 videos on how to install Nobara, 2 for the ROG Ally and one for Legion Go.

    It works great until it doesn't, and I think I just grew tired of having to reinstall Nobara for the Xth time because an update broke something.

    My best experience so far was with ChimerOS on the AYANEO 2, it just worked, and it did so for months. 

    For the best experience we can just hope that Valve will officially release SteamOS for other pc handhelds with official backing of Lenovo, Asus etc. 

    Lurking in the Nobara and ChimeraOS discord channels, it felt like the guys are playing constant catch up to fix things, that were just fixed but then again broke by a new update. I have high respect for those guys who invest their private time just to get those Linux distros working on the latest PC handhelds.

    Anyway, share your bazzite experience after a month or two. From my experience, everything runs fine for a week or two and then it just falls into pieces.

  • That’s actually ingenious to think to put steam deck stuff on it. I think Lenovo just needs more time to work out the kinks, as the steam deck had to when it first launched, but for ppl with legion Gos right now this is a really good resolution to the software problems. Just make sure to check back on the updates for the legion go software and you may be surprised how much it improves

  • Frankly I hope the resolve the issues.  While Im certainly not a windows fan, the reason why I haven't gotten a steam deck is so that I can access all of. my game libraries. not just steam.

  • So far, this is working so well I'm considering it as a full install as a Linux OS on a secondary laptop. I've been thinking with desktop mode, it could serve as a primary OS.

  • Your advice is worthy consideration. I'll definitely follow up here in a couple of weeks to share my experience.

  • My plan is to primarily use Bazzite (Linux) for the majority of my Steam Deck games, XBox Game Pass, and GeForce Now. I'll boot into Windows for non Steam games and emulation. After a month or two depending on which OS works best I'll reduce the storage on one OS and feed it to the other.

  • The great thing about the Steam Deck is you can configure a dual boot on it with Windows.

    Once complete with a boot loader installed, your Steam Deck will ask what system you would like to boot into, Windows or Steam OS (Arch Linux). I have my Steam Deck configured in this manner on it's 1TB drive.

    The drive is split in two, much like I recently did with my Legion Go, and I use a fast microSD for each OS to supplement the storage. With my Steam Deck, I've run AAA games in Windows and Steam OS from a microSD without issue. While on the Legion Go, due the SD card reader stuttering in Windows 11, this currently doesn't hold true for AAA games, but is somewhat okay for many "smaller" games.