Does RSR even work in the Legion Go?

After enabling RSR and AMD overlay I noticed all games I run will show RSR as inactive even though the resolution is lower than the native display and its running at full screen. I also enabled RSR on Legion Space but doesn't seem that it actually gets activated while running a game. 

Is this due to having a portrait display instead of landscape? Any insights on this and how to make it work would be grateful.

  • I have RSR enabled without the overlay and I never got that message at all. I also have the latest drivers AFMF version 24.1.1. The drivers are not optimized for the go yet but they are working on it. 

  • Hi Nick Wave tone1

    I'm glad to hear you have managed to get it working. My experience with the new AMD drivers wasn't as successful (most likely done something wrong) and I ended up using recovery partition. 

    I'm also pretty sure that we won't have to wait long for Lenovo to iron things out.

  • how do you confirm if RSR is working without the overlay? Enabling in AMD or Legion Space does not mean its going to work. I mean if this has been reported 2 months ago and it's not fixed yet then this is false advertising. They should just remove the toggle in Legion Space as it does nothing 

  • I only keep the overlay up for a minute or two and when I'm playing I see if there's any difference in the the visuals/performance. I haven't noticed anything major. From what I did notice though that it doesn't work for all games and then that's when I use the fsr3 setting in the game which stabilizes it and makes it a little better

  • I thought that RSR is like FSR 1 and if FSR 2 or 3 is available in game engine you should not use RSR.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • You're right. You can only use one or the other.