What If??

Our Legion Go Discussion group is slowly down! So I decided to start a creative humorous discussion.

What if the Go could be used as a Wii U (like) device with your gaming PC or laptop?

What game or type of game would you want to be created to take advantage of this two device two screen gaming technology?

Any Wii U fans out there?

  • how about all this and having exercise games.. get us up our of our chairs at our standing desk

  • I am not a Wii U fan.  However, using a Go linked to any other device to be able to play Co-Op games with friends would be great.   While on this point, I truly wish you could "SHARE" Co_op games with friends for a few days to see if they like it.   I think it would promote more purchases as people get a taste of that type of gaming.   Almost like a demo but a full game with a time limit.

  • I am all for any game play that forces me to be more active. I think the Wii is what really started that where you can get the arcade experience at home.

  • I think any kind of exercise program that you could share with your family would be great.

  • I agree with most that exercise games would be the best for my family!

  • You make a good point on exercise games. I really should be using my VR more often and to get a sweat on when I do!

  • Yes, bring on more exercise games to share with family.

  • Nintendo took a big risk coming out with something so revolutionary with the Wii and it paid off big. I believe the Wii U had potential, but Nintendo did not put out enough original games that showed us the possibilities of a touchpad screen controller combo that could work independently of the console and TV.

  • Great idea on being able to share games in your library with a friend on a trial basis. I think lets you share your library with family on the same PC and LAN with limitations.

    A good idea for Epic would be enabling users to issue a friend a trial pass to their entire Epic gaming library. The trial could limit the total number of play hours and limit play hours per title. This would be a good PR move for Epic that could increase revenue.

  • Great point. If only my savings was increasing as much as my midsection each year.