Anyone with a Legion Go and GPD G1 eGPU that can share just a couple benchmarks?

Hi all! I was wondering if anyone with the Gpd g1 and LeGo would be kind enough to put a few aaa single player game benchmarks on the internal display at 1600p and 1200p? I'm super interested in getting a Gpd g1 but I'm tight with money and I'm kind of nervous about it not being powerful enough for aaa single player games that i play.  don't want to go off youtubers because I just don't trust them fully. Anyways sorry to be a pain in the butt!  Thank you in advance!

  • don't want to go off youtubers because I just don't trust them fully.


    I can't say for certain, but I think we've watched the same video.

    Trust the Wendell.  Although he misspeaks (often), I don't believe he lies.  His behavior is devoid of guile.

    I'm sorry, I don't have any direct experience with either device.  I'm quite interested in the Legion Go.  I have no interest in the GPD G1.

    If I were to pair the Legion Go with an external GPU, I'd choose a desktop model in an enclosure.  For some extra heft and a larger power supply, I get full performance.  Not the power-limited mobile version.

  • Did you find anything out regarding this? If I understand you right, we’re interested in the same thing—using the GPDG1 to boost performance on the legion go portably, with no external monitor. The only information I can find about the GPDG1 (or onex gpu since they’re both AMD) is that it had problems playing nicely with the legion go, but all of that information is 3 months old at this point. 

  • I am in the same boat.  Loking for a portable eGpu that I can use with the LeGo with out an external monitor.  I want to just boost the fps to play game stable at 30-60 fps settings do not matter if the frame rate is smooth.  

  • Didn't I see in the promo videos an eGPU enclosure that was Lenovo branded?

    I know this is specific for the GDP G1, but just wondering if I imagined a Lenovo branded enclosure promoted in conjunction with the Legion Go

  • nope lol i cant get any replies. Anyone i spoke on here in a different thread that has one just got it that day or so and but never got back to me with an update unfortunately.

  • I'm looking for benchmarks so it kinda take any opinion out of it. 

  • Yeah, I haven’t been able to source anything solid yet all the videos I watch on the GDPD1 and the player one XGPU show it being used with an external monitor.  I understand that you get better performance by running it on an external monitor off the graphics  card as opposed to running it back through the USB 4 connection however, I just wanna be able to take the Legion go and the USB-C 4 EGP on business trips and not need to also carry an external monitor. I would have bought a laptop if that’s what I wanted to do 

  • Gday. Ive been using gpd g1 and lego for quite a while now. Yes it is better to use an external monitor but i can play hogwarts legacy on my lego in handheld mo with the g1 connected with no issue and in high gfx settings. Slight smile

  • mind sharing the benchmark differences between internal and external monitor?

  • i have it don’t working it