Generic PnP monitor

I was curious if it was normal when i look into the display adapter to see Generic PnP Monitor for the legion go screen. Do i need to update the monitor driver or it is as intended?

  • Hi  ,

    that mustn't be a bad thing, it just means that a universal display driver for displays from Microsoft is being used.

    -> As you can see you can access the maximum native resolution and the full 144 Hz which is great! Therefore you wouldn't have to update your display drivers. You just could if there are any especially for the display of the Go, which could possibly enable some additional features unique to that display (if there are at all...) which is sincerely a good question, and with that post you made me curious about this.

    I'll have a look around and see if I can find any and give you an update today. As far as I remember I'm also just using the universal drivers.


    I have actually an own driver for the display installed, as you can see on this screenhot (even if being in German).

    But I really don't remember how I installed it... I have the newest graphics drivers from AMD installed (which I can't recommend to be installed) for other reasons. It could have been installed with it, or with the Dolby Vision driver I installed from the Lenovo Legion Go driver page, or it could have also been installed through the AMD Chipset drivers. Or I could have just got it by Windows updates, or automatically/manually updatingg the monitor driver in the device manager of Windows... I really don't remember anymore what I exactly did, but now I remember I also wanted to have the actual Display driver of the Go screen to be installed...


    If you care to have the Display fully recognized, even if it might be not necessary at all, I'm sorry, but I can't point you onto the exact way to do it, but I would recommend first of all to do all of the automatic updates with the official drivers from the LegionSpace and to install the AMD chipset drivers Ben Myers also shared in the update post/thread last Friday, as those are newer then the ones you can get through the automatic updates. If you can't find the link, let me know, and I will share it to you. Also I would recommend to install the Dolby Vision drivers from the Lenovo Legion Go official driver page (just search for "Lenovo Legion Go drivers" in any search and you will find the official Lenovo site for it).
    If you did all of that and still don't see it I would first try to let the Go do an automatic update in the Windows "Control Center" on the Monitor options, and as last thing try out the Windows updates. Just be aware of the current optional Update for the lenovo firmware, that it can lead to issues possibly - there was an own post around this in this forum before, if I recall right there were ways to get rid of the issues being introduced by it.

    I hope that helps Wink. By the way; installing all of those updated drivers is only a good thing, and I would recommend it in any way, also not being in conjunction with trying to get the Display fully "recognized".

  • I see that on all my laptops

  • As I was writing, it musn't be a bad thing as long as the main features (which are important for you) are supported. In the most cases you can still choose between the available resolutions, and Hz modes in the advanced graphics settings (don't know how it is called exactly in English, the additional options you have in the same Window you also set up your resolutions and monitor positions at the bottom) in Windows.

    -> If you shouldn't be able to, it is a sign you really need explicit drivers, and in those cases those normally are also available for download.


    If you want to make shore every feature your monitor has is actually being supported, I would always recommend to check onto the brands support/driver page if explicit drivers are available.

    If they aren't you can always use tools like hwinfo or aida64 to find out which monitor/display currently is connected. The Nvidia driver software can also sometimes recognize better then Windows which monitor/display model is actually connected. As soon as you found out the monitor/display brand and model, you can search for it's drivers manually over the internet.

    -> Just be aware for certain monitors/displays there just aren't own drivers available, and they are really meant to be used with generic Windows (or other systems/OS) drivers. Therefore this whole work canSweat smile also be done for nothing Sweat smileYum.

    -> That's why I was writing at the beginning, as long as the important things work with the generic driver, it can be perfectly fine already WinkOk hand)

  • It is normal to see the generic and old Microsoft monitor driver. The question I have is, if Lenovo released a custom monitor driver would it be possible to correct the active signal mode that seems to be stuck in 1600x2560 resolution (portrait mode)? The hardwired portrait mode is my biggest complaint about the Go. 

  • That is a good question and I don't know. I would have to try it with the explicit "Go Display" driver I have installed (see screenshot, and explanation I answered to Mahdi above).

    -> Just kinda busy, but I can see if I can try it out this weekend, and will give you an update WinkThumbsup 

    Please "at" me if I should forget, otherwise the reminder could not reach me.

  • Thanks EvryGama. I sent you a PM.

  •   Sorry, was really busy until now, now finally looking into your pm.