RSR / Display Scaling and TV Refresh Rate

Hi guys,
I've already searched and found nothing.

When I connect my LeGo to my 4k TV (Hisense if it matters) with cheap Dock or with a business Dell docking station, everything is working as expected: up to 4k60hz, even HDR. But, If I enable RSR or display scaling, TV resolution get maxed up even if I set a lower resolution, and the maximum refresh rate I can get is 30hz.
Is this a software bug?
I'm using latest BIOS and Lenovo Drivers.
TV, Docking stations and cable are capable of 60hz, I tried with an XBOX and another PC, and, still they work at 60hz with RSR turned off.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?

Thank you all.

  • Are you setting the resolution and display settings under the graphic properties on the windows settings?

    Like right click on the desktop... etc

    Or you are changing the resoltion once in game?

    My experience is that setting the resolution in the graphics settins is the way to go for docked gaming + upscaling

    I've used a couple of monitors and RSR works fine, but only if I set the windows resolution on windows to what I want ... as I said ... right click, graphic settings etc.

  • Hi, RSR Just works fine.

    But, when enabled, display settings in windows only shows refresh rate of 24 and 30hz.

    This makes my games run at 24-30fps and it's frustrating.

    If I disable RSR i can set refresh rate up to 60hz (my TV maximum settings).