Battery drain while plugged in

If I am playing an intensive game the battery will slowly discharge. I switched to a 100w charger but the issue still remains. When this happens the plug also gets really hot from trying to charge and power the system at the same time. 

the TDP also is not working correctly and I think this may be the issue. I’ve seen the wattage spike to 40w during gameplay but usually sits at 32w. The built in settings basically do nothing.

any ideas?

  • I feel like an electrical engineer. New 100w cable and same thing, it loses battery plugged into the hub.

    it says it has a 100w pass through so I’m not sure what the issue could possibly be. If I directly plug it into the GO without the hub, using the new cable, it charges while playing. I’ve been using this hub for months on the steam deck without issue tho it’s used much less power to charge it.

    not sure what else to try. I like using the hub for its Ethernet and I was going to add an external SSD like I have for the steam deck. Wont be able to do that if it won’t charge it. 

  • I just tried a different hub with 100w pass through and it didn’t charge the Go at all. I’m not sure where the issue lies here with the Go not wanting to charge from hubs.

  • I just tried a different hub with 100w pass through and it didn’t charge the Go at all. I’m not sure where the issue lies here with the Go not wanting to charge from hubs.

  • Hi Invasion, I'm sorry to hear that, and I already thought it would depend on the chosen hubs themselves... I also understand plugging in the USB-C cable directly in to recharge, and at the same time plugging in the hub for everything else is only really practical when holding the Go up manually (and it being very heavy not a constant option), and not really handy/comfortable when having the Go on the lap, or belly, or even the table because the plug below is constantly getting tension, which is not good nor for the cable, nor for the connector itsself, and is at the same time annoying in my experience... Otherwise that would have been my recommendation like before... (Thought it through better and it probably isn't a real option)


    As sorry as I am, you really can't compare the Steam Deck and the Legion Go, technically being two completely different devices, with complete different alimentation and especially power draw and recharging systems...


    -> I also had similiar experiences with a higher power draw from the Go when having a normal hub connected, and this unluckily is normal behaviour in the most cases.

    -> There have been people who have figured it out though before apparently, having an alimentation/power delivery without power draw, using certain hubs and certain rechargers/power banks in combination in this forum, as I recall. Have a try to search through the forum with keywords for it WinkThumbsup. If I recall right it has been around 2-3 months old, or even closer to the beginning of the Legion Go release.


    ->>> otherwise if you want to make shore there is no power draw through the hub even if it might be a bit annoying, because of you needing to plug in two power plugs into the wall;

    ->>>> I would recommend you to buy a hub with it's own alimentation/power plug, as in that way you can make quite shore, (if you buy a good and reliable one, possibly from a known brand and with the features you require) everything will just work fine without any issues.