Battery drain while plugged in

If I am playing an intensive game the battery will slowly discharge. I switched to a 100w charger but the issue still remains. When this happens the plug also gets really hot from trying to charge and power the system at the same time. 

the TDP also is not working correctly and I think this may be the issue. I’ve seen the wattage spike to 40w during gameplay but usually sits at 32w. The built in settings basically do nothing.

any ideas?

  • This sounds like the BIOS setting that limits the charging speed. You can adjust how fast it charges when the Go is running so you aren't adding a bunch of heat. I have heard some people using the high setting have shut down due to high temps.  I think it is set to low by default. Depending on what the low limit is, that's probably the cause of losing power while charging the device running. Charging is slower than the power draw. I have mine set to medium with no issues at all. No matter what setting it should get warmer than running on just a battery since you are charging and running the device. Both will generate heat. You can keep an eye on your temps to make sure they aren't getting too high with the overlay.


    Hi, do you have fast charging on in the BIOS? And did you also try it with the original 65 Watt charger from Lenovo? In my experience not original chargers can lead to really weird behaviour with the go. Even if I used my ASUS 65 Watt charger from my phone with it, even if also using PD for loading and using the same wattage, it lead to a really weird behaviour in certain situations.

  • Hi  ,

    the default setting is on high, and I never ever had overheating issues with it, even if I'm mostly playing modern and AAA games on it. But I'm also using an ssd which tends to stay cooler then others. With ssds overheating can happen and is a known issue, but with the APU, I think you would have to really let it run with hardcore benchmarks for a long time to let it overheat...

    Medium sounds like a good compromize to me too though, as slow is REALLY too SLOW in my opinion.

  • What is the game you are playing?

    If I have it, I will try to see if I can duplicate, but you need to provide more detais.

    I have a Anker pack that shows the drain.

    Even when I have the BIOS setting to "slow" the pack repots drain of 98W, I usually plug the pack if the internal batt is about 30% or so.

    After the internal Bat chanrges I see drain go to the 60, 40, 30 W etc.

    The plug will get warm, but not hot, I use a thunderbolt 4 plug rated for 130W, being U are using a brick, not sure what to make of it, are you using the "original" power brick?

  • Yeah, I think I changed that setting the day I got it. I thought I remembered it being on low, but I bought it open-box, so perhaps the previous person changed it. True, for those having the overheating issue, they may have other things adding to the heat generation.

  • That's weird. Never had that happen yet, knock wood! It does sound like it might a bios problem though. I have the setting in the bios on fast charge and I'm using the Stamp setting. You can also adjust the fan curve if your Go is getting too hot

  • I’ve been playing Kena Bridge of spirits and Daymare. It happens with both the stock charger and the 100W.

    I have the power go from the charger to an extension that goes to a USB 3.2 hub and I think the culprit may be the extension cable. I think it’s 60 watts so I ordered a new one. 

    I will also try changing the charge mode as I did notice it was set to low when I was looking through bios menu.

  • The Go itself isn’t hot. It never really gets above 72c but the cable end that attaches to the system gets really warm. I’m use to my steam deck which barely gets warm at all when plugged in.

    I’ve also tried stamp mode and it also does nothing for TDP and will always be at 32 watts unless you select energy saving which drops it to under 10w which isn’t ideal and makes games unplayable.


    Yes, sounds like you are right and it depends on the cable, maybe being a 60 watt one, the electricity going through is not properly being limited to 60 Watts, but maybe at 65 Watts as the Go needs it and that causes it to overheat...

  • Ok

    I will get Kena loaded and report back

    But ... +1 on the comment made by EvryGama, I have a feeling is the USB-C extension.

    I used "trusted" brands, like Cable-Matters, Anker, JSAUX.

    I had some bad experience using generic USB cables on the Steam-Deck (which I sold on ebay for the Go)