Battery drain while plugged in

If I am playing an intensive game the battery will slowly discharge. I switched to a 100w charger but the issue still remains. When this happens the plug also gets really hot from trying to charge and power the system at the same time. 

the TDP also is not working correctly and I think this may be the issue. I’ve seen the wattage spike to 40w during gameplay but usually sits at 32w. The built in settings basically do nothing.

any ideas?

  • Thanks for the help. I think I’m just going to wait on using the hub and use it for a while on direct charge to make sure it’s working as intended. I’d rather find out now there is an issue so I can exchange it rather than wait and have to send it to Lenovo.

    even if I try to use the hub without power it will only work for about 30 seconds and then power off. There is definitely something wonky going on with either the unit or the way it interacts with hubs.

    im not investing any more money into this as it already cost 800.00 for the Go plus another 60.00 for another charger and cable.

  • I am not sure if this is what EvryGama was talking about, if so, I apologize in advance. Could you hook up one power source to the hub (dock), then the hub to one of the Go's USB-C ports. Next, hook up another power source to the second USB-C port on the Go. I am not sure if it could work this way, maybe work a try.

  • Farfetched idea, but maybe if you change the UEFI (BIOS) setting for USB compatibility to the option that allows for maximum compatibility it might have an impact on the power interaction with the hub. Yes, a long shot.

  • I would rather not have 2 cables running when the Go should by default work with USB hubs. That’s something that should work day 1.

    I also tried enabling the extended setting for USB drives but that didn’t change anything as expected.

    Ok, I understand you are disappointed with the situation... And you don't wanna spend more for now, as you just really spent enough.

    If you will change your mind in the future (when the current hole into the wallet just caused won't be feeling so heavy anymore Wink) just know that there is an option that works for shore;
    -> Hubs with own power supply (meaning one power supply for the Go during recharge + one for the Hub)

    And one that works probably, saying probably because I can't confirm it, according to what others here wrote, if you are willing to dive deeper into this forum;
    -> By choosing the right combination of USB-Hub and 100 Watt recharger (and right cables, with enough capacity which you have in the meanwhile) that is supposed to work within this forum, you just need to search for it.

  • I picked up a Microsoft surface thunderbolt for dock from Micro Center open box for $104. Normally these are $299 if not more.  Something like this is more than capable to let you run 30 W TDP performance mode and keep the Legion fully topped off while you’re playing thunderbolt for dock / hub that offers 100 W worth of power will suffice to solve this problem.  The included 65 W USB-C charger is not powerful enough to run the Legion go at full power and keep it fully charged

  • I tired 3 different hubs now that all have 100w charging and none of them charge the go and lose battery over time. I am using a 100w charger and not the stock one. I’ve tried both chargers and they have the exact same issue when using through hubs.

    the 100w charger on its own charges the device but the moment you introduce the hubs it won’t keep up the charge.