1TB Micro Sd Card for GO Recommendation

So I was looking for a decent Micro SD to add to my GO.  I had a few smaller ones but I wanted at least 1TB in size and I didn't want to spend $100+ on it. I started researching different cards for the best option. I had used Sandisk and Samsung before all of which worked great but the Sandisk was too much and Samsung only goes to 512. Looked around at some other name brands. Many I found were either or both, over $100, and slower read/write speeds. I was looking at the different offerings TeamGroup had and found this one: TEAMGROUP A2 Pro Plus Card 1TB. The read-write speeds say up to 160/110 MB/s which is very good compared to other cards you see out there.  I have not tested the speeds but I have no reason to as everything runs great even with playing AAA titles off the card. I ended up spending $54 for the card when it was on sale. Such a great purchase as I have gotten other Micro SDs half the size for that much before. If you're looking to expand I would check out this card.


  • Be careful, Amazon has a lot of "fake" versions that look real!

  • Be careful, Amazon has a lot of "fake" versions that look real!

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