1TB Micro Sd Card for GO Recommendation

So I was looking for a decent Micro SD to add to my GO.  I had a few smaller ones but I wanted at least 1TB in size and I didn't want to spend $100+ on it. I started researching different cards for the best option. I had used Sandisk and Samsung before all of which worked great but the Sandisk was too much and Samsung only goes to 512. Looked around at some other name brands. Many I found were either or both, over $100, and slower read/write speeds. I was looking at the different offerings TeamGroup had and found this one: TEAMGROUP A2 Pro Plus Card 1TB. The read-write speeds say up to 160/110 MB/s which is very good compared to other cards you see out there.  I have not tested the speeds but I have no reason to as everything runs great even with playing AAA titles off the card. I ended up spending $54 for the card when it was on sale. Such a great purchase as I have gotten other Micro SDs half the size for that much before. If you're looking to expand I would check out this card.


  • Any SD card with U3 and A2 will be roughly the same speed. TeamGroup is a decent brand. Just stay away from brands that you've never heard of, look at reviews, and if the price is too good to be true... it is.

  • Frackin'Awesome ! ! ! TY ! ! !

  • I’ve heard of TeamGroup for budget memory and have heard decent things about their SSD’s and RAM.  Glad to hear the MicroSD’s seem to be decent too.

  • THanks for the tip!  It is amazing how much the price of 1TB microSD cards, from good manufacturers, have dropped over the past year.  They are best for storing and retrieving info, but will degrade faster than an SSD if you are writing and erasing to them all the time.  So best to keep any write intensive activity on the SSD.

  • Been waiting for either Samsung or SanDisk to drop to a reasonable price; they're the only cards I'll buy anymore after so many others have failed on me.

  • I'll take a look! I'm definitely more apt to buy a Sandisk directly from Best Buy or Lenovo website. In fact, if you buy from Lenovo store, you can use your points towards it. 

  • I have had a few friends use them in their gaming PCs and we have ordered many at work to upgrade drives on our computers. 

  • I have two 512 Samsung Micros SD's. I have the EVO and the Pro both work great but they only go up to 512. If the SanDisk would drop to 80, I probably would get it but for like 50 bucks I figured I would give this one a shot.

  • San disk has some good options not to expensive and good quality.

  • Ok, I understand, was just recommending this one, because even with the next slower SanDisk Extreme (without "PRO" in the name) I own with about 170/180 MB/Sec read speed and 150 MB/Sec write speed I was annoyed about how super slow micro SDs are compared to NVME SSDs... I know it is known, but still it feels like two worlds! An ancient technique against a fresh and modern one. That is why I recommended this one.. Yes then it is more complicated to find one with possibly the best price to value, as there are so many also unknown, but still good brands...